Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Poison Ivy what???

The only thing I know about poison Ivy is she was a character in a old Batman movie! I have never had it, or have ever seen it on anyone?? But, it all changed for me yesterday when my poor HUBBY discovered he has it!! Isn't that terrible? I don't like to see him hurt, because it makes me sad for him. :(

But.. I think he is getting a little annoyed at me for treating him like he is DYING! ha ha I just cant help it! I constantly keep checking on him like he's about to fall over dead on me? I keep asking him if he has fever, and if everything is ok??? And most of all... I'm STAYING CLEAR from him like he has a infecting disease. I start to ITCH FOR NO REASON! HA But.. honestly, I didn't know ANYTHING about it?Finally I think it's time for a definition!

What is poison ivy?
Poison ivy is a very common plant found in most parts of the United States. It has two forms. One form grows low to the ground. It is usually found in groups of many plants and looks like weeds growing from 6 to 30 inches high. The other form is a "hairy" vine that grows up a tree. Both have stems with 3 leaves. You may have heard the old saying, "Leaflets three, let it be." This is because most people are allergic to poison ivy.

How does poison ivy cause a rash?
The poison ivy plant contains an oil called urushiol (say: oo-roo-shee-ohl). This oil "bonds" to skin when it comes in contact with it. Most people are allergic to it. If you are allergic to urushiol and you get it on your skin, you'll develop an itchy, red rash. You can get the oil on your skin by:
Touching the poison ivy plant
Touching any clothing, including shoes, that have come in contact with the plant.
Touching any gardening tools that may have the oil on it.
Touching any pets that have been around poison ivy and have gotten the oil on their hair.
Burning the poison ivy plant. The oil from the plant is carried in the smoke.

Anyway.. I think I should of looked this up yesterday, but I think I will just keep my mouth shut and secretly keep an eye on him! After all he is my Partner For LIFE! I love him! :)

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