Monday, October 29, 2012

Monkeying Around

So today we decided to "monkey around" by trying on our HALLOWEEN COSTUME! This is Tucker Lane's 1st Halloween and I picked out his outfit like in August! HA I ordered it and got in in early Septemeber and still hadn't tried it on him?? WHO DOES THAT??

When I really think about it... I beilieve I did it on purpose. I was trying to avoid being let down. The costume was 6-12 month. Tucker was 4 months when I found it, and 5 months when I ordered it, and I was so NERVOUS it wasnt going to fit!! All I could do was keep reminding myself he will be 6 months on Halloween... and I'm sure it will fit! It just HAS TOO!

so I wanted to wait as long as I could before trying it on. HAHA

So TODAY I can finally say HORRAY IT FITS!!! MY LITTLE TUCKER IS the cutest MONKEY in the world!!! :)

Happy Halloween 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The REAL DAY!! Yes.. Sunday October 21st was Stephen's real birthday, so we got to celebrate it again! :) Stephen and Tucker putting on there SUNDAY BEST.
TL is always so happy! :)
Then off to SWEETIE PIE RIBEYES in Decatur with everyone! :)
Tucker got to use his TO GO highchair for the first time!! HE LOVES IT!! HE FEELS PART OF THE CONVERSATION NOW! What were we thinking! HAHA
HE TALKED AND TALKED AND TALKED... very loud I might add! HA
Then time for PRESENTS.. once again! HAHA LUCKY DUCK!
Tucker and mommy wanted to see all his presents!! He got MORE TOOLS TOOLS TOOLS, Gift Cards, and work out clothes! HE LOVED IT ALL!
So did Tucker... even if he didn't understand they weren't for him! HA
Stephen's sister Annie and her husband Lee were able to meet us there too! :)
And our precious Niece Lily was all dressed up for the PARTY! :)
Cutest thing ever... is the LIFE of the PARTY!
Tucker Loves Grandma & Grandpa
Sweet Lily with Grandpa
COUSIN TIME!! Tucker wanted Lily's book...
Lily wasn't too sure about that! :)
Love these 2 pictures...
Yes... photos were not very good in about half this blog because my phone died on our way to Decatur! :( So I had to use my IPAD with NO FLASH! SAD DAY! HAHA

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hubby's Bday!

Happy 32nd B-day to the BEST hubby ever! :) He had one of the most amazing weekends ever! His celebrations just kept going and going. I think he out-did mine this year. I was lucky enough to celebrate mine in the hospital, but I did get the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER, my preacious baby boy! So maybe I did have a better birthday! :)

Ok.. back to Stephen! ha

We started celebrating Saturday at Branding Iron. BEST BBQ in town.
Lil Tucker lovin' his daddy's b-day
Stephen got some great GUY GIFTS! I married a "GUY GUY" if there ever was one. :) TOOLS
Punching Bag
Under Armour
Fossil Wallet
Money & cards! Who doesn't love MONEY $$
AND THE CAKE BALLS! OH THE MEMORABLE CAKE BALLS! HAHA Something Stephen and I will always remember, but to everyone else an AMAZING DESSERT they wanted more of! :)
Little did everyone know... we had a DESSERT DISASTER 30 minutes before the party started! I'm not sure what happened? I was trying to make a bundt cake, but only half of it wanted to come out of the pan. SO I pieced it back together in the pan and left it over night thinking it would come out as a WHOLE the next day!

Well It didnt!

Yes... all you can say is a COMPLETE MESS! No worries.. I agree! HA So right before my MELT DOWN, my genius husband walked behind me and said, "Why don't you just make cake balls???

mmmmm... so I sent him to the store ASAP to get chocalate bark so I could dip the cakeballs in.

and this is what he came back with!
Really?? HAHAH


He said, well I was gonna get that almond bark stuff but it said Almond and I got confused. HAHA

But.. these people had NO IDEA!! And.. they turned out GREAT, so that's all that matters! After all.. it was the REAL STUFF!! Ya it was a little pricey, but it did say baking chocolate?? HAHA Just something to remember and laugh about.

My sister and brother-n-law
Ashley & Chloe
Dad & Mom
Stephen & Caleb
Chloe, Ashley, and Grandma
Granddad & Dad

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Parents Pastoring 15 years

Well I just wanted to Celebrate my parents BLOG STYLE!

This October 2012 --> My Parents have been pastoring at Country Chapel for 15 years!

They have poured their hearts, love, and tears in this church and church family. They care for all the families and show it day to day. Whether it's a visit to the hospital, planning a big event, making a phone call, praying , working on church, preparing for sermons while working 2 jobs, preparing praise and worship (music), giving time , following God's direction, and making sure the church family feels loved and welcomed.

I thank God for giving me parents who love God, and have made it a lifestyle to honor him. It has shown my sister and I how important GOD is in our lives, and how we need him EVERY DAY. I believe as a Christian you look at life differently. You understand you have a purpose on earth, a plan to fullfill, and a love that others wonder about. I thank God every day for my life. My parents have been amazing supporters, an unbeliveable strength when times are difficult, and a continues reminder GOD IS ALL POWERFUL!
Thanks MOM & DAD! :) Also a BIG THANKS for the church family that poured alot of work and love into giving and preparing a great service for them this past Sunday! :) I know they felt VERY LOVED!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Grow! but then again No!

We can't wait for them to grow up and do new things daily so we can catch it with our very own eyes, but then again, we look back and can't beilieve they have gotten so BIG so FAST!! NOOOO!!!

It's like a happy/sad moment.

I feel like I just had my little Tucker Lane and now he will be 6 months in a week! :(


He holds his own bottle now!! Seriously?? NUTS!

He's starting to sit up on his own.

He goes to sleep on his own! I just lay him in his crib and give him his paci and blankie and he's out! Though.. I still like to rock him to sleep here and there! :)

He is so tough and strong he loves to tear down his Jungle Gym every day! haha He kicks and kicks until he takes it down with his leg!

more evidence

He laughs ALL THE TIME!! He is such a HAPPY PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY!! I just love him to death! :)

He wrestles with daddy ALREADY!! I'm not sure T.L. has much of a choice in this area. HA (This is our tough nephew Caleb with them)

Our next step to learn... CRAWLING!! THE WHOLE FAMILY is already trying to teach him. Including his Aunt Ashley! Dangling a bottle out in front of him! HAHA

So I leave you with this... haha One of my favorite pictures!! He still has his baby rolls and he knows it! :) This kid never turns down a bottle!!