Monday, March 11, 2013


Look who came over and made EASTER JELLO MOLDS with Aunt Tasha!! :) It was a FUN THURSDAY!
My nephew Caleb and niece Choloe! :)
Tucker was taking a nap at the time

They Poured

They Stirred

and they poured some more

So after putting our JELLO MOLDS in the fridge, Caleb said the funniest thing at the time...
"Now Tasha... I need to tell you I dont like Jello, but I sure like doing arts and crafts"

Really... after all that hard work and he didnt even LIKE IT!! haha But.. that's my sweet nephew!! He turns everything into a positive. He was worried it might hurt my feelings so he added the ending to the sentence! HAHA I wasn't mad at all!!! haha I just laughed and laughed and said well next time we can make cookies!! :)

So since he was not a fan of our hard work... I had to come up with another snack. CHEEZE-ITS, which turned into another game!
We created words with our letter cheez-its.

I sure do love them! :) SO FUN TO HANG OUT WITH!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


That's right.. my baby ALREADY had his FIRST HAIR CUT and he's not even ONE!

At 10 months he was trying to pull off the BABY MULLET.. and Daddy wasn't having it! He threatened me by saying he was going to take Tucker himslef and have it CHOPPED OFF!
(That would mean no PICTURES!!)

He just didn't understand HOW STINKIN CUTE TUCKER was! Tucker could pull off any HAIR STYLE
(according to his MOMMY) :) He's one stylin' lil man

Nina & Chloe came along to help out! :) THEY WERE A BIG HELP! I needed to take the pictures, so I needed my mom to hold Tucker.

CHLOE WAS GREAT because Tucker was able to look at her when we needed him to look a certain way. He's pretty much amazed by all 3 of his cousins!! He thinks they are the BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD.

And notice Nina's "Hold still hair-cut technique" - HAHA She's great! She had it planned from the start. She said she did it with CALEB and now she's doing it with tucker! HAHA It cracks me up. It looks like she's squeezing his poor little face, but I promise you..
They love their Nina & her HOT PINK NAILS!

Tucker's hair was just starting to curl in the back! :(
But... I went ahead and let Daddy win this battle. The truth is, if Tucker's top would of grown like the bottom, I wouldn't be sharing these photos today!!!
But it didn't so mark the date down...
At 10 1/2 months Tucker Lane Ross got his 1st hair-cut , and he looks just as PRECIOUS as before. I LOVE MY BABY BOY!

A big thanks to Leslie Harrison for doing such a great job on my little boy.