Monday, July 27, 2009


Ok.. so Stephens favorite place in the WORLD to eat is at Texans De Brazil! This is my 3rd time and yes.. Stephen's 4th time! Geez...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Most of you know...

Most of you know I choose not to drink. My purpose behind this is because the Summer of my 8th grade year at (McNeil Jr. high) I had a one on one talk with God and asked him to give me the STRENGTH to turn down the temptation I would face when I entered high-school. I had older friends, an older sister who were able to warn me about how different high school would be. I knew it was going to be a tough accomplishment to face, but I knew that if I asked and firmly believe in the LORD with all my heart I would be able to stay strong.

The reason for this request was so I could be a STRONG witness for God. I knew since I was little I was called to be used for his purpose in some way. I wanted people to see that my life was different because God was in control of my life. I wanted for people to see why I chose the decisions that I did. He has planted a SEED in my life that I want to spread across the NATION,
not just one small little town, not just in high-school, not just in college, but seriously A NATION to come.

A few weeks ago I heard this scripture...

Ephesians 3:20
"Now to him who is able to do immeasurable more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us."

This is my power and strength in my NEW prayer. It's something SO BIG that ONLY GOD CAN DO! I have to believe if it is in GOD's will for me then this is what I shall do. I should not give up and if I knock, and no answer.. I must continue to knock until the door opens.

My last and final verse is found in Luke 11: 9-10
"So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds: and to him who knocks, the door will be opened".

I use this power of prayer for MY dreams for the future and something that I see that is according to his power and I will stay strong and keep asking what it is that I DREAM and believe in with all my heart.

I encourage you all to DARE GOD, ask what it is that you believe in him for, what BIG thing are you working on in your life, that you know ONLY & I mean ONLY GOD CAN DO.... not just what life can work out one day eventually, but what GOD CAN DO! All I say to this... is ASK & KEEP ASKING until it is RECEIVED! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm starting a NEW sharing night so everyone can show off there pictures! I will do it every Saturday night and you can add a LINK to my blog and post the sharing night on YOUR BLOG. Then people can click on your link from my blog and visit your page.I will change it up every week, so everyone be sure to look for it EVERY SATURDAY! I will call it... "SATURDAY NIGHT SENSATION"! Help me kick this off with a special bang... by adding your link to my page and posting a blog titled MY FAMILY ALBUM! Whether it be just you & your husband, u and your kids, you and your parents... whatever?? JUST SHARE by adding your link below this post! :)

* Just click on the RED... "YOU ARE NEXT..." to add your link! :)
You will find it at the end of this post!


My husband and & I on our honeymoon

My beautiful mother & sister on my Mom's Birthday


My sister and her husband

My Mother & Father N law! just ADORABLE! Love this pic!


My sister and brother n law

My cutest little NEPHEW In the world! He starts Kindergarten In AUGUST! Most of you are pretty familiar with the little guy! I BRAG ABOUT HIM ALOT! :) ha

My grandparents in HOUSTON TX.. who I miss a LOT! :(

The whole shabang! My cousins! :)

My cousin Mandy.. who was missing from the picture above...

Sister, mom, me, grandma & my aunt DEBBIE! :)

My Aunt and Uncle and cousin in AUSTIN TX! :( Miss them too!!!

Ginger's Birthday! :)

Stephen's Mom's Birthday was yesterday and they all came in town to eat at a nice restaurant called Ruth's Chris! I call it the "2 first namer"! :)
It was something else! AMAZING FOOD, and outstanding atmosphere, which of course is the main reason I like to go out to eat. Ha.. silly I know, but I love getting all dressed up and eating at places with music and candle lighting. So romantic.. aww...

They even surprised her with a free desert and little "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" confetti on the table. I thought it was super fun to have all the family together for her Birthday! I just love birthdays, when it's yours you feel like the most SPECIAL person in the world on that day. It's your time TO SHINE!

She really got some great gifts. She got some cute canisters for her kitchen
, and some matching decor serving dishes, and a cool APPLE TV hard drive...
that uploads movies that just come out. I think she was really happy with it all and the next day we woke up and had a fabulous breakfast/brunch over at Annie's house (my sister-n-law). The PERFECT WEEKEND! I must say!

P.S. Wish I could of taken some pictures at the restaurant, but it was to dark for my phone camera to pick up! :( So sad.. I know.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Man I miss my Mom!! She was a CLEAN FREAK, and I LOVED THAT!! Little did I know I would have to become that once I got married! Now don't get me wrong I LOVE IT BEING CLEANNNNNNN!!! I just hate being the one to CLEAN IT! ha It's hard work and it just wares on you. I will have to say I was blessed with a VERY CLEAN hubby! He likes to keep things clean and he doesn't mind HELPING! He's constantly picking up and that helps ALOT! I'm just saying this now.. ONE DAY when I have a bunch of kids and things to do and MORE MONEY.. haha MARK MY WORDS.. I will have a cleaning lady!! :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


TO THE BEST HUBBY IN THE WORLD! :) ha Look what he brought home for me yesterday! How SWEET IS HE! THIS PLACE IS FABULOUSLY OVER PRICED, but I've ALWAYS WANTED TO GO! ha-ha I've always wanted to get my nails and toes done here, but always turned the other direction and went to ENVY NAILS ( which is still good), just not quite HOLLYWOOD NAILS! HA

Just wanted to say I love my hubby! He always makes me HAPPY! :)


This is my every morning stop.. THE STARBUCKS for my tall lowfat misto with two sweet-n-low! :) YUM.. It makes me want one just typing it! HA YOU MUST TRY IT! :)


Man never again... All because there was a huge sale at Market Street, if you buy 2 TURKEY BREAST, you get 2 FREE! HA What the HECK am I going to do with the other two breast... cause I AINT EVER COOKIN IT AGAIN!
After buying into the whole idea. I thought... wow I haven't ever made Turkey before, this will be interesting! So.. I TRIED, but little did I know it would TAKE WAYYYY WAYYY longer to cook than Chicken! I worked so hard for this meal to be PERFECT, but let's just say it didn't work out so perfect! The time I finished all the VEGGIES (mashed potatoes, green beans, rice, & gravy) the Turkey was only HALF way FINISHED! UGH.. It might look good...

but it was 9:30 the time we got to eat dinner, and all the veggies were COLD! ha and I look HALF ASLEEP! HA HA NEVER AGAIN...
OH... and come to find out.. I'm the only person alive that didn't know TURKEY took a LONG TIME TO COOk! Pshh.. whateve


Well.. since my work is SOO COOL they are letting us wear any polo shirt to work for the summer.. due to the HORRIBLE HEAT! This was me after shopping at Old Navy for the 5.99 shirts! Well.. little did I know that was only the sale for KIDS! I would say FALSE ADVERTISING if you ask me! I was so pumped about the sale too.. UGH, but I ended up finding an EXTRA LARGE KIDS PINK polo that fit perfectly! :)
ya.. that's me struttin my pink self to work! :) ha

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well.. HE LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH! :) He's 6 years old and starting Kindergarten this August! AHHH I'm so excited for him! He is going to be a GREAT student! He will love school! I just know it. :)

Ok.. so I know I brag about him a lot but this was just WAYYYYYYYYY to cute not to share with all of you.
Well, about a week ago Caleb realized he had a VERY LOOSE tooth, and Ashley thought she could bring OUR dad over to yank that puppy out. You see, my dad STRIVES for opportunities like this! HAHA He would always do his little evil laugh and say... ooo ya I'll take care of that for you! AHHHH Ashley and I would always SCREAM bloody murder and he would already have it in his hand! ha Then he was say... Um.... I already got it, you can't stop screaming! ha ha

So.. Ashley told Caleb she was going to get Papa over to pull his tooth. He just kept saying, oh... it's ok Mom we can take care of it tomorrow! ha She said the only way she could get him to agree to it was telling him that when she was little she used to scream and not even realize Papa already pulled it out. Anyway... I got several VIDEOS and PICTURES and laughed my BUTT OFF! I feel for Caleb cause I remember those good ol' days! HA So.. I'd like to take this time and share this adventure with YOU! ha

HIS TEETH WERE SO SMALL Dad had to try floss string to pull it out! ha

His 1st attempt! SO CUTE


"Papa.. are you sure you know what your doing?" -ha

But... when it's all over LIFE IT GREAT! HA

BUT.. IT GET'S EVEN BETTER when the TOOTH FAIRY VISITS! AHHH I wish the tooth fairy would still visit me! :( ha


I totally forgot to post this picture to the part about ALL THE SNACKS we ate at the DRIVE IN MOVIE! IT was soo GOOD, and it was all because MR BEAR we headed to the snack bar! ha

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This was such a cute place I read about in the Frisco Magazine! I wanted to surprise Stephen, but he ruined it by guessing it! :( So we went in to the whole experience without it being a surprise so it kind of took some of the fun out of it! ha-ha

The food WAS GREAT though! We had cheeseburgers, fries, pretzels, and even funnel cakes! The experience was NEW and not bad, but I think it's real important to pick a good weather season to go to a drive in movie. We were really hot, and the speakers were weak next to our car. ha-ha

So... toward the last hour of the movie we watched it in the car with the AIR ON and the FM TUNER cranked up. ha-ha

I think it would also help if the movie was good. We watched Public Enemy, which was not BAD... but not good (horrible ending). ha

Over all it was something we always wanted to try, but we probably wont ever do it again, unless it's close by. This drive inn was in Ennis Texas, about an hour and 23 min. away. ha- ha

The movie started when it got dark and ended around 11:30 and we still had to drive all the way home. I have to say a lot of things went wrong that made this experience a THUNBS DOWN. HA

But.. hey, we still have each other! I'm starting to learn not everything goes the way you THINK IT WILL or WANT IT TO GO! ha - ha

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Car bug.. and not a VW

Well.. last night Stephen nor I didn't get very much sleep! We were up all night changing batteries in CARS!
Yesterday I started my first day in the GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH CHOIR here in Frisco and I had to be there at 7:45 AM to practice. Stephen and I always go to the 11 oclock service, but since I was singing in the Choir I had to be at BOTH services. Stephen came to the 11 clock service and we decided to leave my car at church so we could go eat lunch and stuff. After lunch we were to FULL & TIRED we decided to go home and take a nap and go get the car later! MAN.. was that STUPID! Finally around 10pm we remembered THE CAR, so we put on our flip flops on and headed out the door!

UGH... you guess it! IT WOULDN'T START! The heat zapped the ENERGY right out the battery! So here it is dark outside and we have to figure out how to get this car back up and running if I want to make any money tomorrow! HA So.. yes thank GOD I have a HANDY MAN HUBBY who was able to get right in there and fix me up again!

Anyway, the only story I learned from this incident was I WANT "need" A NEW CAR! I DESERVE IT! I'm not being a brat.. I'm just simply suggesting what I deserve. I have never owned my own car, and I have never had a car that did not need to be worked on every other month. I'm tired of something always going wrong with my car. THE FIRST thing I'm going to buy when I get my teaching job is a NEW CAR!! END OF DISCUSSION! If you want to knock my idea... please don't COMMENT to this blog! HA


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Remember This??


Ok.. for those that lived the 80's, do you remember THIS? :) Stephen & I went up to the FRISCO MALL today and we spotted a 16 year old wearing her hair like this with a headband! I was like OMG.. I USED to wear my hair like that (when I was 8)!!! ha-ha
When we got back in the car.. I said, Stephen... (as I was pulling my hair up) did you see a girl in the mall with her hair like this? He just laughed and said.. I think?? We saw a bunch of weirdoes in there! ha

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mom went all out this year! :)

For FIRE CRACKER day this year, mom had everyone over for a cookout! She made home-made ice cream while Dad cooked the BEST
-URGERS out on the grill!

I decided to make some NAME CARDS
that were a big success at the PARTY! :)
I labeled everyone with a "nick name" along with their real name! For my nicknames, I decided to use a recent activity the person had been involved with. It helped stir up some GREAT conversations! Not that we need it! HA But.. it was fun catching up with everyone! :)Here is an example of the name cards! this was Ashley's... :) ha-ha

NATASHA - Cupcake failure! :( "THEY MELTED"

Stephen's says : "Mr. Helpful get's Poisen Ivy" HA

Ashley & Daniel

Grandad & Grandma

Mom & Dad... and of course Caleb! :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

J-O-B BLOG update!

Well here she is ladies & Gentlmen, the place I call WORK! TEXAN'S CREDIT UNION!!! Isn't she lovely! :)

Painting with SWEET TEA!

Stephen & I did our last coat of paint on the OFFICE last night! We were so sick of walking by the room and seeing plastic on the floor, blue tape on the wall, and a half finished room staring us in the face! So we put on our HAPPY FACES and BEST ATTITUDES and dug right in!

WE DID AN AMAZING JOB! ha Or.. I think I did better with my attitude this time anyway! :) As for Mr. GRUMPY, not sure?? ha-ha

BUt.. I believe I figured out a secret method to my "BEING DONE" mood! I decided this time when I was finished painting... I would not announce it OUT-LOUD... I would quietly walk out of the room and move onto something else! HA-HA This way I wouldn't have to hear Stephen saying, "WE ARE NOT QUITTER'S and all that jazz! :)

During one break that I took I decided to make some SWEET TEXAS TEA! Sometimes I make it with sweet-n-low and sometimes I make it with straight up SUGAR! stephen says he can always tell, but I never would believe him, because he always watches me make it! So.. this time I decided to make TWO SEPARATE TEA'S and take them to him in the same kind of glasses and see if he could tell the difference? BOY.. could I have kicked my self in the butt! He KNEW RIGHT OFF! ha I figured out I WAS THE ONE THAT COULD NOT TELL, until I looked at the bottom of the glass and saw all the REAL SUGAR sitting at the bottom of the glass! That IS NUTS! ha-ha I guess it's kind of good I can't tell? I'll get skinnier! HA