Saturday, February 27, 2010

V-DAY.... love bug day! :)

Ok... Let's just make something clear! I'm not a girl who thinks Valentines Day is just another day.... I'm not one to think of it being a day for Hallmark to make the most money of the year. I AM THE GIRL who DESIRES Valentines Day to be a day where two people can express their love BEYOND the natural day to day basis. AND... I feel like one of the most luckiest girls in the world to have a HUSBAND put up with my FANTASY WORLD by making me feel OVER AND BEYOND LOVED on this special day. He just goes along with it and MAKES IT HAPPEN! :)

To start the weekend off my hubby suprised me & took me to a SPECIAL PLACE in Dallas called
Al Biernat's We have heard how amazing the food was from magazines and quotes from celebrities. So we were both excited about trying this place out. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! The Salads were even FABULOUS, they were a meal themselves. Steaks, "SMASHED POTATOES" (The high roller choice of word) - HA HA , bread , cokes... EVERYTHING was just PERFECT! But.. to top off the night you will NEVER BELIEVE who we saw. Are you ready for this... The one and only "Saved by the Bell" AC SLATER otherwise known as MARIO LOPEZ. The one I choose to watch everyday on EXTRA. When I saw that dimple... I KNEW IT WAS HIM!

The next night of the weekend we got SUCKERED IN!! (Ok.. I got suckered in)! Yes... the movie with a million celebrities "Valentine's Day Movie"! Stephen again went along with it, and it turned out to be a pretty cute descent movie!

Earlier that day I tried out the NEW KROGER'S MARKETPLACE which just opened up in Frisco. They had a woman making CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!
Yum... so knowing the "desert girl" that I am, I had to purchase the chocolates & berries and make some for our SPECIAL DAY!

These were a big EATING success while Playing one of my valentines gifts from Stephen. "UNO ATTACK" -- WE PLAYED FOUR HOURS and ate strawberries and TOASTED OFF the LOVE NIGHT with some grape sparkling cider!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

baby chloe sad... :(

This picture seriously makes me tear up. THE CUTEST, SADEST thing in the world.