Monday, November 30, 2009

My Sisters Baby Shower....

Baby Chloe's FIRST CAKE.. so adorable! :)

Here it is... my sisters baby shower went AMAZING! :)

Baby Chloe's Mom ASHLEY... My lovely sister! :)

Sisterly LOVE! :)

My BFF Laurie

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jenn Gadd's Shower

Allow me to introduce you to JENN GADD! The cutest, funniest girl I've meet since being down here in Frisco.

She is due around December and I don't know what Im going to do without out her cracking me up all day! She makes my days go by so fast.

If you remember me saying back in another blog there are 7 FIRST GRADE teachers at Elliott Elementary.

Well... Jenn Gadd is one of our 7, and shes about to have a baby! That's right... 2 girls are prego on the team and I LOVE hearing all the stories. We all decided to thow her a shower at school and these are some of the photos.

This is Katie & Katy with Jenn

This is sneaky photographer BRIDGET that snaps photos of us when were not looking! well.. HA GOT ONE BRIDGET! :)

The rest of the photos will be withheld for another time. Yes, I was the sneaky photographer that day and girls... you better just watch what you do.. cause I will pull out photos if needed! HA HA I have also realized Kathy & Shelly pretty much dodged all photos being taken. I will have to introduce them at another time. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well I'm sure you all remember Allie & Aubrey, my adorable flower girls, who performed at my reception. Yes, they are the cutest two girls I have ever seen! I adore both of them and have been teaching them voice lessons for sometime now. Not only are they BEAUTIFUL but by golly you have to meet them. They are the funniest two girls. They have got the BEST personalities. :) I'm so proud of these two. They always love to perform and put on a show. Well they recently had their photos take and I could not help but show them off the my BLOGGY's!!

They even wore their FLOWER DRESSES from my wedding.. awww... I MISS THEM!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday and Tuesday...

Man oh Man... Yes I have been spooking people this weel, but I have been spooked in return! :) CHECK THIS OUT... I love halloween so YUMMY

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ever been SPOOKED?

Well... this is the first year I get to play this game. I have always heard about it, but never have been in any type of group that participated in this FUN GAME! It's call SPOOKING SOMEONE. You get a chance to be sneeky and buy cute little gifts you might think the person will like.

Anyway, starting Monday I get the chance to SPOOK one of my cute 1st grade team girls at school.... aka JENN GADD <3 HER! I'm so excited I have been grabbing things here and there for this since the first day I found out. Yes... Stephen has been making fun of me, but totally going along with my fun obsessions. :) Today I decided I better get them wrapped before the big day on MONDAY! I get to give gifts from MONDAY thru THURSDAY. Then we have our BIG MORNING BREAKFAST REVEAL Thursday morning! AHHH

Here is a little peek at the gifts I'm giving...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PHOTOBOOTH take 2...


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poor little nephew!

Yes.. as you all know I LOVE MY NEPHEW! I just got word he is SICK! I hate when I hear he is not feeling good. It just makes me want to switch places with him and take all his pain away.

This is him at the Dr. today! He had to wait for like 2 in a half hours. BLESS HIS LITTLE HEART! He has been running a 103, just keep him in your prayers.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Awww.. the good ol' days. This is my cousin Brittany and I a long time ago! haha Yes, In this picture I was 4 about to turn 5 in three days, and Brittany was 5! Aww.. arent we just too cute and innocent!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reasoning behind my good mood...


1. One Tree Hill -

- Still shocked that Nathan Scott might have cheated on HALEY JAMES.. OMG! Also has anyone realized how much WEIGHT Millicent lost! wow.. she looks great!
Have you checked out the NEW GUY... CLAY? I was already familiar with him from "LIPSTICK JUNGLE" if you ever were a fan of that show?? haha I just love TV...

2. Gossip Girl -

Thinking how crazy it is that Blaire and Georgina are now college roommates & WONDERING why the heck DAN HUMPHREY would ever even consider kissing Georgina!! WTH But... super excited G.G brought Joanna Garcia on the show & they matched her up with Nate Archibald! Love it... and so cute! :)

3. 90210

Totally hating the way they are portraying ANNIE?? She is turning into a stuck up JERK! She used to be so sweet, & why is DIXON so stuck on himself this season... geez... I do love his new girl SASHA though!

She is sooo pretty, but my favorite CAST member will always be SILVER!! I LOVE HER! & geez... Annie's Dad, HARRY, better just stop it NOW! If he cheats on our favorite FULL HOUSE wife.. I will DIE!

4. Melrose Place -

Wow... how creepy is ASHLEE Simpson in this show. This seems more like a MURDER case then a sitcom. I also think its really weird how Riley wont just make the engagement between her and Jonah NORMAL! She has to be difficult about everything! UGH & I think Ella is SOO pretty in this show. I hate her attitude... but I wish I looked like her! HA HA

Funny how TV can fulfill a persons HEART! I can just feel the love from every angle. I'm loving my life right now!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well... things are coming along now. I'm finding a bit more time to have a LIFE and teach!
First, let me start out by saying... I LOVE MY JOB. I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity to inspire and educate 20 first graders. Just over the past 3 weeks I have fell in love with these kids. They are SO STINKIN funny and cute. I have been trying to regain my life back from starting so late in the game, but it's been a bit tough. I'm makin it day by day, and it will eventually keep getting easier. I hope to update you guys more about my WILD TIME I'm having teaching FIRST GRADE!

I have a GREAT TEAM of teachers I work with. I can see FRIENDSHIPS for life definitely with these girls. There are 7 first grade teachers at my school. They are ALL just like me! ha Which makes it SUPER FUN! These are our shirts that just came in that our grade "teachers" wear every Wed.


Sunday, August 23, 2009


GUESS WHAT!! I am now a FIRST GRADE TEACHER for Elliot Elementary Frisco ISD! :) PRAISE JESUS! Which I really do give him all the credit, because we are talking a GOD THING on how everything worked out!
WHOO HOO! I was interviewed yesterday and got hired yesterday! I start school MONDAY, so I AM VERYYYYYYYYYY BUSY getting my classroom ready and my lessons ready! I would tell more, but I will have to update you all when things slow down! HA

Again, thanks for everyones prayers! I have been so blessed to have so many people care about me and my plans! SO THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! I am extremely excited and cant wait for the first day of school! You know I will get pictures posted as soon as I can!

<3 Tasha

Thursday, August 20, 2009



All I can say is RACHEL RACHEL and MORE RACHEL MCADAMS! She totally makes this movie. :) She is probably one of my favorite actresses up their with Reece Witherspoon & Kate Hudson! She is adorable to watch! Without her this movie would have been a complete FLOP!
What I can say about the story line is it's a complete MESS! It's all over the place and very hard to follow, but it does make you dig deep in your soul and pull out every exhausting emotion you might have. You definitely will fall in love with the characters. You will feel for them, laugh with them, and even cry with them, which I find to be VERY IMPORTANT for every movie to have.

At the beginning of the movie when you first figure out Henry (the husband) has a disorder and is a time traveler, you will be a little disturbed by his naked body! That's right his NAKED body.. haha It catches you so off guard that you will find yourself and whoever your sitting with looking at eachother with a face like "WAIT... WHAT is going on?? hahah" I guess I can just say.. go along with it... it will get better, but still confusing why he is Naked. ha

Later in the movie is ANOTHER DISTURBING PART! It's a part where the NAKED time traveler ends up at the same place as a little girl, and your constantly a little GROSSED OUT watching it, because now days there are PERVERTS everywhere. The movie is not even suggesting this, but everyone in the movie is thinking it! TRUST ME! HA Again, later it will not seem so gross, but they don't tell you anything at the beginning.

Then... there is a really confusing part about how Henry time travels, but comes back YOUNGER one time then OLDER the next time? They don't explain why or when he does this? It's really confusing and doesn't relate to the story WHATSOEVER! Then it get's even MORE CONFUSING when TWO Henry's show up! HAHAHA

but to be honest... throughout the movie you end up getting really emotionally involved you began to FORGET the messed up story line and just kinda go with it. haha You really start to care for the characters and just really strive for a GOOD ENDING... and I will leave it at that! :) Yes.. very confusing, but got me deep down in my HEART where it COUNTS! ha

This is a movie I would recommend seeing. I would rate it a B-