Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm late, I'm late, For a very important date.

No time to say "Hello." ( or talk while eating a burger) Goodbye. (or even talk while driving my car) I'm late, I'm late, I'm late. - White Rabbit

Last week I came up with this BRIGHT idea to meet my sister at the airport the following week for dinner since she had a 2 hour layover. Little did I know it fell on my school's longest EVER STAFF MEETING. Let's just say we were pushing time here, but in my head it ALL JUST HAD TO WORK OUT! HA HA

We picked her up around 6 and she had to be back at 6:45! YES I KNOW... not much time! But... again in my head we could exit the airport, enter traffic, find a restaurant, order food, EAT FOOD, then find our way back in to DALLAS TRAFFIC, enter back in the airport and find her terminal. (This ALL to be done w/ NO DISASTERS) HAHA really?? (WE all lost a year of our lives today)


You can start to see the stress and panic take over me in this picture...

FINALLY FOOD... I don't think I've ever ate that fast in my LIFE!

Ashley said she would need some TUMS after the meal from eating so fast. HAHA

And poor Stephen knew FROM THE START... this trip was going to turn out like this. He was so worried about being the one responsible for Ashley missing her flight! haha.. but of course he went along with it! <3 HIM!


Totally kidding.. Some how out of all that madness we got her back to the airport at 6:50 and she ran inside and they told her the flight was running LATE! HAHAHA

Ya.. thats our luck... but it always goes the way you don't plan for. So I'm just glad we got her back in time. :)
I got word about an hour ago she has safely landed... WHAT A MEMORY TO ALWAYS HAVE! HA HA

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stephen had training today from 8-5 which left me all alone. :( No worries... Stephen and I had planned for me to drive up to where he was around 5 to eat dinner at Hard 8 BBQ (Stephen's favorite place).

Around 3pm I headed that way, but stopped by Grapevine Mills to look around.

I'm sure glad I did cause I found my FRIST BIRTHDAY PRESENT from Stephen.....

Yes... it's a little early, but I have a hard time finding swim suits, and this one from Victoria Secret was HOT PINK! I couldn't pass it up!

Then I strolled into Aerie, because I had a gift card to SPEND! :) Love G.C's... even if it's to a store I usually don't shop at. It gives the opportunity to try something new. I found some really cute things. Some girl things I will just keep to myself. haha

Then.. I found me these AMAZING COMFY SHORTS! OMG.. I think come spring I might be in these ALL THE TIME! They are soooo comfortable.... very casual.. but still cute. I'm so exited to wear them.

Then came 5pm and it was time to meet Stephen at HARD 8 BBQ. Stephen beat me over there and called me and said, "BAD NEWS MY FRIEND, It closed at 3PM". WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT??????????

SO CHANGE OF PLANS ( which ended up being better anyway)... we headed over to the Shops of Legacy to find something better to eat. We found Main Street Bakery which had the PERFECT PATIO. I got this yummy french onion soup, and a piece of Italian cream cake.


The best part of it... I'm off for tomorrow! THANK YOU PRESIDENTS!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pedi with the Bieber Fever

It all started Friday Night...

WE DO!! :) HA Well after the movie we do! Weird... how the power of editing and someones story effects your thoughts about them! HA WE LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE Justin now! HAHA

POP-CORN lovers - Katy and Michelle (me...not a fan) haha

I think it looks yummy... just hate the taste!

Oh... how we can't WAIT for SPRING!! :) Today gave us hope after all the SNOWY weather this past month. We were so excited we chose a patio restaurant to have lunch. It might have been a little chilly (with the wind), but it was SO FUN to just chill with the girls in the sun.

Shelly & Me

Michelle and Katy

Then we hit up the Spa for some WELL NEEDED PEDI's! Again.. we are thinking spring! HA

After we got our lovely toes done... we went on a mission to find some YELLOW BOX shoes! Omy goodness.. we tried Nordstrom, Macy's and even DILLARDS, NOT ONE YELLOW BOX! We were very disappointed... :( but maybe it's a sign.. NOT TO BUY THEM YET.. BECAUSE IT's NOT SPRING YET! HAHA

Shelly ended up buying her some cute flats instead.. We will try again. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP GIRLS! :)


Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Bug Weekend...

It all started on FRIDAY for me! :)

My school celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday. We had our party with cookies and hearts and valentines. To make the day even better.. my sweet hubby sent me flowers to school in a heart vase! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Then Saturday... we planned our BIG VALENTINE DINNER at
So we got all FANCIFIED and headed out...

But BEFORE.... I had stephen take my picture to see if I needed to change shirts! HAHA (Have you ever done this??)

Out of all the restaurants we have been too, Al Biernat's is definilty the BEST BY FAR! We went there last year for Valentines Day and had an amazing time.
We always talk about it, and compare it with the other restaurants. I was so thankful to have the chance to go back. Once again.. we had great food and service. We plan on making it a tradition. :)

The atmosphere is AMAZING

I REALLY LOVE THIS PLACE! It's number 1 in my book!

Then on SUNDAY....
I checked the mail and received MY 1st VALENTINE from my MOM & DAD! :) THEY ROCK!! TOTALLY LOVE THOSE TWO!


We exchanged our gifts... but we always do this without talking.. haha We just leave it in a spot and then bring it up later! HAHA I think we both feel uncomfortable about it... haha I can't believe I just admitted this to the world! DONT JUDGE! HA HA

How sweet is he... he got me 2 CARDS!!! A lot of chocolate and renewed my US WEEKLY for another year. I got him a card,candy, and a good Ol' country jam to listen to in his truck. He wanted the new double Jamey Johnson CD. :) You don't see it in this picture because it's ALREADY playin in his truck! HA

For dinner we went to BABES CHICKEN with the help of my mom and dad's Valentine-- SOO YUMMY!

Then around 8 we went and saw "Just Go With It".. I knew it was going to be a GREAT movie when I saw the pre-views. It was so funny... I totally recommend it. I LOVED WATCHING Adam and Jen on camera together! They work so well together. GO SEE IT


Sunday, February 13, 2011


After coming across a new CUTE INSPIRING BLOG --> ( Happily Ever After ) I have discovered this AMAZING APP and WEBSITE that tracks your calorie intake and workouts... LIVESTRONG I have been super addicted to this for 3 days now. HAHA ( I know... not very long)... but I have been doing really good on watching what I eat. It's amazing how you CARE more when you realize what you are putting in your mouth. :)

To start it out.. I went to the website and I put in my age, weight (SCARY), and my daily activity (that burns calories).... and then it spits out this MAGICAL daily calorie goal. It has a lot of restaurants /foods already programed in. You click on it and admit you ATE it and walaa... It calculates it for you. You also have the opportunity to add your workouts (burned calories) throughout the day too. There is a lot more info on website.... I plan on figuring out as I go.

Today... I started out with 2 wheat organic waffles and some berries and whip cream. (275 calories)

Now.. my first thought would be BUTTER AND AUNT JEMIMA SYRUP and call it good... but today I checked calories... and saw The syrup was (210) calories for 1/4 cup... that is like eating 2 more waffles... haha So i went another rout and used my frozen berries 3/4 cup for 60 calories and 15 calories for 2 tablespoon whip cream! And... it honestly TASTED BETTER!
Sorry... I was so proud of myself for this.. I HAD TO SHARE!
This site has me thinking differently and HEALTHIER! I'm so excited to find it! Thanks Danielle!