Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Bug Weekend...

It all started on FRIDAY for me! :)

My school celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday. We had our party with cookies and hearts and valentines. To make the day even better.. my sweet hubby sent me flowers to school in a heart vase! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Then Saturday... we planned our BIG VALENTINE DINNER at
So we got all FANCIFIED and headed out...

But BEFORE.... I had stephen take my picture to see if I needed to change shirts! HAHA (Have you ever done this??)

Out of all the restaurants we have been too, Al Biernat's is definilty the BEST BY FAR! We went there last year for Valentines Day and had an amazing time.
We always talk about it, and compare it with the other restaurants. I was so thankful to have the chance to go back. Once again.. we had great food and service. We plan on making it a tradition. :)

The atmosphere is AMAZING

I REALLY LOVE THIS PLACE! It's number 1 in my book!

Then on SUNDAY....
I checked the mail and received MY 1st VALENTINE from my MOM & DAD! :) THEY ROCK!! TOTALLY LOVE THOSE TWO!


We exchanged our gifts... but we always do this without talking.. haha We just leave it in a spot and then bring it up later! HAHA I think we both feel uncomfortable about it... haha I can't believe I just admitted this to the world! DONT JUDGE! HA HA

How sweet is he... he got me 2 CARDS!!! A lot of chocolate and renewed my US WEEKLY for another year. I got him a card,candy, and a good Ol' country jam to listen to in his truck. He wanted the new double Jamey Johnson CD. :) You don't see it in this picture because it's ALREADY playin in his truck! HA

For dinner we went to BABES CHICKEN with the help of my mom and dad's Valentine-- SOO YUMMY!

Then around 8 we went and saw "Just Go With It".. I knew it was going to be a GREAT movie when I saw the pre-views. It was so funny... I totally recommend it. I LOVED WATCHING Adam and Jen on camera together! They work so well together. GO SEE IT



  1. Aww that seem like a sweet Valentine. Your lasted all weekend plus. I will say y'all make the most of it! Ha! By the way 2ed Valentine!

  2. OMG first of all I am dying to call you right now and tell you this! We got our hubby's the SAME Valentine Card!!! HAHAHAHAH!!! That is AWESOME!! HAHA!!! Great minds think alike! :)
    Your blog is soooo cute and I love that first picture of you!!! Looks like you guys had tons of fun and I'm dying to go see that new movie!!! LOVE YOU both!! Thanks for sharing your VDAY with us!! :)HAPPY VALENTINES DAY SIS!! :)