Sunday, February 13, 2011


After coming across a new CUTE INSPIRING BLOG --> ( Happily Ever After ) I have discovered this AMAZING APP and WEBSITE that tracks your calorie intake and workouts... LIVESTRONG I have been super addicted to this for 3 days now. HAHA ( I know... not very long)... but I have been doing really good on watching what I eat. It's amazing how you CARE more when you realize what you are putting in your mouth. :)

To start it out.. I went to the website and I put in my age, weight (SCARY), and my daily activity (that burns calories).... and then it spits out this MAGICAL daily calorie goal. It has a lot of restaurants /foods already programed in. You click on it and admit you ATE it and walaa... It calculates it for you. You also have the opportunity to add your workouts (burned calories) throughout the day too. There is a lot more info on website.... I plan on figuring out as I go.

Today... I started out with 2 wheat organic waffles and some berries and whip cream. (275 calories)

Now.. my first thought would be BUTTER AND AUNT JEMIMA SYRUP and call it good... but today I checked calories... and saw The syrup was (210) calories for 1/4 cup... that is like eating 2 more waffles... haha So i went another rout and used my frozen berries 3/4 cup for 60 calories and 15 calories for 2 tablespoon whip cream! And... it honestly TASTED BETTER!
Sorry... I was so proud of myself for this.. I HAD TO SHARE!
This site has me thinking differently and HEALTHIER! I'm so excited to find it! Thanks Danielle!

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  1. I'm so glad you like it! Isn't it the best? I LOVE it and I'm totally addicted to it...

    I think it's so cool that it breaks everything down (sodium, fiber, protein, everything!) & compares it to your suggested daily totals for what you're trying to accomplish.

    Have a great week. Happy tracking! :)