Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stephen had training today from 8-5 which left me all alone. :( No worries... Stephen and I had planned for me to drive up to where he was around 5 to eat dinner at Hard 8 BBQ (Stephen's favorite place).

Around 3pm I headed that way, but stopped by Grapevine Mills to look around.

I'm sure glad I did cause I found my FRIST BIRTHDAY PRESENT from Stephen.....

Yes... it's a little early, but I have a hard time finding swim suits, and this one from Victoria Secret was HOT PINK! I couldn't pass it up!

Then I strolled into Aerie, because I had a gift card to SPEND! :) Love G.C's... even if it's to a store I usually don't shop at. It gives the opportunity to try something new. I found some really cute things. Some girl things I will just keep to myself. haha

Then.. I found me these AMAZING COMFY SHORTS! OMG.. I think come spring I might be in these ALL THE TIME! They are soooo comfortable.... very casual.. but still cute. I'm so exited to wear them.

Then came 5pm and it was time to meet Stephen at HARD 8 BBQ. Stephen beat me over there and called me and said, "BAD NEWS MY FRIEND, It closed at 3PM". WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT??????????

SO CHANGE OF PLANS ( which ended up being better anyway)... we headed over to the Shops of Legacy to find something better to eat. We found Main Street Bakery which had the PERFECT PATIO. I got this yummy french onion soup, and a piece of Italian cream cake.


The best part of it... I'm off for tomorrow! THANK YOU PRESIDENTS!


  1. That is really a cute swimsuit! It really looked pretty outside with a piece of cake and your hair looked cute!

  2. It was Pretty Debbie! I love patio weather. :) It just makes me HAPPY for some reason. weird... i know! HA Thanks for the compliments! :)

  3. that cake looks delicious! i'm such a sweets girl...totally like me to order a side salad or soup and dessert! question....does your VS have swimsuits IN the store?? crazy....never seen that! i would kill to try them on before i buy! i always order and have to send them back! way cute bathing suit.

  4. Hey, you have an Angelika Film Center! I love that place and the one in downtown Houston just shut it's door randomly one day. Out of nowhere. Sad sad. But YA you guys have one. ;-)

  5. I KNOW RIGHT... I never ever have seen SWIM SUITS or CLOTHES in a VS. I always order mine too and they are never what I thought.
    This V.S. was in Grapevine (an inside OUTLET MALL)??? I just about DIED when I saw swimsuits in there. I called STEPHEN RIGHT UP.. and told him! (like he cared)!! haha I tried on like 10! I knew I had to buy one... because I never get to try them on and it's so hard for me to find one.
    Now.. I just have to keep my work-outs up for the summer! :)

  6. Ya... WE DO BRITT! Now you mind explaining what it is, and why it's so great? HA HA