Thursday, February 10, 2011

100th Day of School

MAN OH MAN.. what a CRAZY FUN day at school today! I SURVIVED!!!

We celebrated the 100th day of school. It has taken us a while to get there.. but we made it! WHEW...

After being off yesterday due to SNOWY WEATHER my friends were ready to party today. Anything and everything we did today was about the number 100.

Made a banner "100 days smarter today"
made a 100 day crown
wrote by 2's,5's, and 10's to 100
put 100 spots on a puppy
played "Give the Dog A Bone" on the computer
Wrote 100 words

One of my favorite activities to do was draw yourself the way you think you will look when you are 100 YEARS OLD. They made wrinkles on their faces, put grey hair on their heads!!! BUT..... MY FAVORITE... THE WINNER OF THE DAY... that made me laugh so hard....HAHAHHAHA

Her mom sent me an email later in the afternoon saying she said she would of added flowers... but there wasn't enough time. HA HA OMG... she is such cutie patootie! SHE MAKES ME LAUGH ALL THE TIME! I JUST LOVE HER!

Then of course THE KIDS FAVORITE : Their 100 snacks!!


  1. HAHA! I think I laughed through this entire BLOG!! I LOVE your face in this first picture!! HAHA! And I thought the little girl in the front row was yawning at first!! haha!
    Then that 100 year old picture!! OMG!! I wonder if it's because we tell kids your 100 when you die. haha! A tad disturbing but really funny! haha!!

    But I have to agree with the KIDS 100 snacks would be my favorite part too!! HAHAHA!!! Love ya! You're the BEST Teacher Ever!! :)

  2. These are awesome 100 day celebration ideas! My son in Kindergarden is celebrating his 100 day party next week. (honestly I'd never heard of this before! LOL)

    100 years and a coffin, too funny!!

  3. Yes.. 100 and 101 day are BIG DAYS in elementary! :) HA HA I never heard of it either till I became a teacher. I <3 it! The more reason to PARTY! HA

  4. Oh my gosh that casket picture is so hilarious! Isn't teaching little people fun?!