Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm a firm believer that Beauty comes from WITHIN...But IT DOESN'T HURT to FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF either!

Tasha's secrets I'll "ALWAYS" tell....

Number 1: My favorite Mascara - Loreal VOLUMINOUS original

It's magical.. I think anyway! :) I don't even use an eyelash curler.

HELPFUL TIP: When you get mascara on your eyelids... get these puppies out to help wipe away.

Number 2: Sabastian Shaperplus Hairspray (been using this since my MOM DID MY HAIR) - age 5??

This is how I get "THE POOF"

Number 3: Loreal Moisturizer - age perfect
I never been a consistent moisturizer user, but when I wash my face at night in the winter... it tends to get REAL DRY. I like to feel refreshed and CLEAN so I dab a little of this on my face before I go to bed at night and feel GREAT!

Ok.. I'm sure you are wondering about the "age perfect" - I sort of have a wrinkle fear fed-dish that has been going on for a few of years. I even bought into the "AGELESS" Suzanne Somers book. HA... sad, I know...

And now for the past 2 1/2 years I have been wanting CINDY CRAWFORD'S SECRET Stephen won't let me... :(

This has been one of my favorites for 2 years

But I ordered a Jessica Simpson hat and shirt the other day and I received a free smaple of her FANCY LOVE, and now I'm hoping I will start wearing it come APRIL 18th (my birthday) :)

Ready for a funny story on why you WONT catch me without earrings in my ears, unless I have an infection- due to wearing earrings. Well It all started when I was 7 months old. :) HA That is the age my mom decided to pierce my ears. I recall many times my mom and I sitting in our car in the drive way and her making me go BACK INSIDE to put earrings in my ears before we could leave the house. HA HA (SAD.. but totally TRUE)

Earrings are a girls best friend.. or MINE! I love buying earrings and earrings bought for me. I like BLINGY, UNIQUE, and BIG! Can't go wrong with these! :)


  1. omg, your blog is ADORABLE and how beautiful are you...blonde or brunette!!

    so, i am a total mascara junkie and i am sad ot say the BEST mascara ever (maybelline sky high curves) was discontinued. I think i'm going to try what you've got listed cuz it totally works for you. does it get clumpy? i wear a LOT! i have logn eyelashes, but they're blonde, so i coat it on....and my old mascara (RIP) didn't clump!

  2. Ha! ha! Tasha, telling all your little secrets ! But look at all those beautiful earrings you have because of your mama!!!

  3. Love your blog! I adore Viva la Juicy perfume too and Fancy love! I'll come back and read soon again! Visit my blog sometime if you want at

  4. Danielle... I HATE WHEN THEY DISCONTINUE something you LOVE! MAC did that to one of my lip glosses. :( On a brighter note... just think about finding something AMAZING you never would have found unless... ha ha Or.. you can cry! HA

    Ok.. so let me give you the scoop on this mascara. I WEAR A LOT TOO! Thats why I like this one.. it comes out and goes on BOLD! I NEVER have problems with it clumping on my eyelashes, but you will see clumping on your brush? weird.. I know?? When it starts to not show up BOLD... I know its time to buy a new one. like I said.. I like A LOT TOO, but it doesn't take long to put it on... that why I like this one!

  5. makes total sense...and that's exactly how i could tell with my old mascara that i needed a new one, it wouldn't go on as thick and bold. DEFINITELY going to try it ASAP. yay!!!! :) maybe it's my new fave! thanks for sharing.