Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pedi with the Bieber Fever

It all started Friday Night...

WE DO!! :) HA Well after the movie we do! Weird... how the power of editing and someones story effects your thoughts about them! HA WE LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE Justin now! HAHA

POP-CORN lovers - Katy and Michelle (me...not a fan) haha

I think it looks yummy... just hate the taste!

Oh... how we can't WAIT for SPRING!! :) Today gave us hope after all the SNOWY weather this past month. We were so excited we chose a patio restaurant to have lunch. It might have been a little chilly (with the wind), but it was SO FUN to just chill with the girls in the sun.

Shelly & Me

Michelle and Katy

Then we hit up the Spa for some WELL NEEDED PEDI's! Again.. we are thinking spring! HA

After we got our lovely toes done... we went on a mission to find some YELLOW BOX shoes! Omy goodness.. we tried Nordstrom, Macy's and even DILLARDS, NOT ONE YELLOW BOX! We were very disappointed... :( but maybe it's a sign.. NOT TO BUY THEM YET.. BECAUSE IT's NOT SPRING YET! HAHA

Shelly ended up buying her some cute flats instead.. We will try again. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP GIRLS! :)



  1. Love the movie pics!! I really want to see that movie too!! Ha!! All you ever hear about any more is BEIBER FEVER! Ha!

    also SUPER CUTE frames on the pics!! But just so you know I'm soooo jealous about the POPCORN & PEDI!! :) Looked like a BLAST!! :)

  2. Go to Pappagallo at Lebanon and Tollway. Its a cute boutique...I just bought 3 pairs of yellow box shoes...they have tons!!! Also,lots of other cute, cute shoes. Melissa Stafford