Monday, March 11, 2013


Look who came over and made EASTER JELLO MOLDS with Aunt Tasha!! :) It was a FUN THURSDAY!
My nephew Caleb and niece Choloe! :)
Tucker was taking a nap at the time

They Poured

They Stirred

and they poured some more

So after putting our JELLO MOLDS in the fridge, Caleb said the funniest thing at the time...
"Now Tasha... I need to tell you I dont like Jello, but I sure like doing arts and crafts"

Really... after all that hard work and he didnt even LIKE IT!! haha But.. that's my sweet nephew!! He turns everything into a positive. He was worried it might hurt my feelings so he added the ending to the sentence! HAHA I wasn't mad at all!!! haha I just laughed and laughed and said well next time we can make cookies!! :)

So since he was not a fan of our hard work... I had to come up with another snack. CHEEZE-ITS, which turned into another game!
We created words with our letter cheez-its.

I sure do love them! :) SO FUN TO HANG OUT WITH!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


That's right.. my baby ALREADY had his FIRST HAIR CUT and he's not even ONE!

At 10 months he was trying to pull off the BABY MULLET.. and Daddy wasn't having it! He threatened me by saying he was going to take Tucker himslef and have it CHOPPED OFF!
(That would mean no PICTURES!!)

He just didn't understand HOW STINKIN CUTE TUCKER was! Tucker could pull off any HAIR STYLE
(according to his MOMMY) :) He's one stylin' lil man

Nina & Chloe came along to help out! :) THEY WERE A BIG HELP! I needed to take the pictures, so I needed my mom to hold Tucker.

CHLOE WAS GREAT because Tucker was able to look at her when we needed him to look a certain way. He's pretty much amazed by all 3 of his cousins!! He thinks they are the BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD.

And notice Nina's "Hold still hair-cut technique" - HAHA She's great! She had it planned from the start. She said she did it with CALEB and now she's doing it with tucker! HAHA It cracks me up. It looks like she's squeezing his poor little face, but I promise you..
They love their Nina & her HOT PINK NAILS!

Tucker's hair was just starting to curl in the back! :(
But... I went ahead and let Daddy win this battle. The truth is, if Tucker's top would of grown like the bottom, I wouldn't be sharing these photos today!!!
But it didn't so mark the date down...
At 10 1/2 months Tucker Lane Ross got his 1st hair-cut , and he looks just as PRECIOUS as before. I LOVE MY BABY BOY!

A big thanks to Leslie Harrison for doing such a great job on my little boy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My hubby is SO SMART!

Yes.. so I have always known this about my husband Stephen!! ya ya... He's got the brains, but after receiving THIS (Lennox Dealer Magazine)!!!
Pretty sure he became a genius TO ME! HA

Not only is he smart.. he KNOWS HOW TO USE IT FOR HIS ADVANTAGE!! That plays a BIG PART when God blesses you with the "smarts"! :) Stephen submitted his answer to a question on the Lennox (air conditioning) website
for a chance to WIN AN IPAD!!

So.. was he EXCITED?? Oh yes.. VERY!! He texted me as soon as he got the news, but he also followed it up with.....
how "not a big deal" it was on his part.
He explained how easy and ridiculous it was that he WON!!
That is my humble hubby for you!!

He doesn't even realize how intellegent he is. He thinks anyone could of worded that answer and won that IPAD! After reading it... I was SO PROUD of him not only for taking the time to send in his answer, but at HOW AMAZING his brain works!!
He lives and breaths air conditioning. haha literally :)He is a true business man that works hard to be that way. Who else sits around the house reading air conditioning manuals and watching the latest HVAC youtube videos.
I mean look at the influence he has on TUCKER! HAHA
I'm a VERY PROUD WIFE and HAD to brag about the SMARTEST HUBBY EVER!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Tucker & Grayson

Grayson's mommy, Bethany, and I have been good friends for a VERY LONG time and now we have something even more special to share with eachother....
our two most favorite bundles of joy!! :)

These two finally got to play together! Neither one of the really knew what to do having someone their own age around to play! It was so funny to watch how they would react and get used to one another.

Tucker usually has his older cousin's or older kids around, and he usually just follows them around and tries to do what they do. They pretty much are in charge of what goes on. Grayson is also the youngest around his older brother and the oldest around his playmates! :) So what do you do when you and your friend are pretty much the same age?? hahah Well I think they will eventually figure it out. The first time is always scary, but they did pretty good.

Next, they attacked the CUBE!! One of Tucker's favorite! This is the age they put EVERYTHING in their mouths!
(Hint - my last blog post)! EEK!

Then they moved on to balls! :)

Maybe one day these 2 will be playing football together! :) How cute would that be!!

Thank you soo much Grayson for coming over and playing with Tucker!! He loved sharing his toys with you!! Next time we will come over and play with your toys!! :)
You sure are a Cutie PaTootie!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tucker Swallowed POISON!!!

So I thought...
I would rank this as one of the scariest days of my life that had me calling 911.

So many of you know I am a THIRTY-ONE consultant now, and all of you know how EXCITED I am about this journey and how much I LOVE BAGS! Well today I asked God, "surly this is not the REASON you had me get into 31" as I was waiting for the Firemen and ambulance to get to my house.

I pulled up to my house around 1pm after eating lunch and noticed 3 HUGE PACKAGES at my door screaming 31 at me!! I could not wait to get out and tear into them. Stephen was just shaking his head at me thinking, she's gone crazy! ha LITTLE DID HE KNOW!

Anyhow I jumped out of the car and RAN INSIDE, swung open the front door and dragged all the boxes in and STARTED TEARING IN! Stephen then turned to me and said, "Ok Tasha, I have to head back to work now" I said, "wait dont you want to see EVERYTHING!" He said, "Tasha we could be here for HOURS! I have to go back to work." So he left, leaving just TUCKER and ME to be excited about all the BAGS, BOXES, and PAPERS covering my living room! Tucker was having a BLAST getting in and out of the boxes. Once that got old he moved on to bigger and better toys. So I grabbed my camera and was taking pictures of all the new bags and cute monogramming. I love to show people ideas from my customers.

Then Tucker decided to come back and hang out with mommy and the bags. He tried grabing the bags off the table as I was taking pictures. I moved him aside and quickly re-arranged the bags and started taking my pictures. Then I glanced back down at Tucker and he had a white tag-looking thing in his mouth. I said, "Tucker what do you have in your mouth now...." I pulled it out, looked at it and read "DO NOT EAT, THROW AWAY - SILICA GEL"! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! I grabbed him up and swept my finger in his SQUEEZED SHUT mouth and started scooping out little tiny plastic clear beads!! Then I grabbed my phone and dialed 911 and told the sweet lady "MY 10 MONTH OLD BABY just ate the POISONOUS SILICA GELL BEADS they put in BAGS!!! She calmly said, "Mam did the bag bust?" I said YES, "He swallowed some and I dont know how many??" She said, "What is your address? The emergency people will be there in just a minute"

IT WAS THE SCARIEST 3-5 MINUTES OF MY LIFE!!! I was just holding him, praying over him, and constantly looking in his eyes. He seemed to be doing JUST FINE?? But, I just knew any second his throat was going to close. I called Stephen and my mom while I was waiting on the Firemen and told them to just come!!! Tucker swallowed those poison bead packets that were in the 31 bags!!

The SWEET SWEET firemen came running to my door and I took them to the scene where it all happened showing them the beads all over the floor that I scooped out his mouth. They checked Tucker and saw he was doing ok then they checked the beads and felt they were all solid and hard and were not gell feeling. Then the fireman said, "Mam I think he is chewing on something". I reached my finger in his mouth and sure enough he HAD MORE hiding in his bottom lip. I was a TOTAL MESS!! They kindly told me to just calm down and keep him calm and we will figure this out. They watched him and waited with me to make sure he didn't have a reaction. Then the guy said something that seemed to calm me down a little bit. "Mam, I think he is going to be ok. You just my might find these little pellets in his poop tonight." At that moment my heart began to slow down a little bit but started going back up when they asked me if I wanted the ambulance to take him to emergency room or if I wanted to drive him my self. At that time Stephen showed up and we decided to take Tucker ourselves.

As we were walking out the door, Stephen's dad showed up and said did yall call the poison control number? We looked at eachother and said NO? what's the number? He said they would be able to tell you what to do. Them my mom and my niece Chloe got there and said Ashley called someone and they said it was not poisonous to children. I was still in PANIC mode and went ahead and loaded tucker in the car while they were calling poison control. I started heading down the road to the emergency room and then Stephen called and said he talked to poisen control and they said IT WAS NOT POISONOUS TO CHILDREN. They are just a choking hazzard and if they have swallowed some to give them a drink of water and make sure they have no more beads in their mouth. Still at that moment I was NOT SURE, and stephen knew.. so he said, "Tasha we can still take him in or you can call KELL WEST while driving and see what they say." So I did and they said.. "Mam you need to call "POISON CONTROL"!" HA

SO.. that brings my SCARIEST MOMENT EVER to an end... I turned my car around and headed back to the house and started to breath normally. I got Tucker out of the car and just KISSED AND KISSED him and said TUCKER LANE you almost gave your MOM A HEART ATTACK!!!

Thank you JESUS my baby is ok!!

Later on I found out it was just as scary for my sister who was sitting in the news room at her station (She's an anchor for Channel 6 News) when she heard 10 month baby choking on silicon packet on the news scanner. When she heard she thought aww.. that is so scary and sad I have a 10 month old nephew. Then they said my address and she said OMG!! THAT IS MY NEPHEW and she got on the phone as fast as she could to find out what was going on. Come to find out the person my mom was saying that Ashley talked to who said they were not poisoness ended up being POISON CONTROL!! HAHA My goodness.. WHAT A DAY WHAT A DAY!!

I'm just so glad everything is ok.. and everyone was so SWEET DURING all of it and the firemen got here so fast!!! When I saw them and that BIG RED BAG in their hand I knew everything was going to be ok!! I dont know what was in that red bag? But.. I knew it would SAVE MY SON!! HA!

Again.. Thank you JESUS!

Friday, February 15, 2013

My little Cookie Monster

Well we got invited to Decorate Valentine Cookies that turned out to be so much fun! :) They had everything set up sooo CUTE!
(I love me a cute party!)
I wish I would of brought my real camera.. but I only had my phone. :(
So I tried to do the best I could. There were a few I stole from the girls that threw the party! HA

Laura & Katie are the 2 sweetest happy girls I know. They are so friendly and welcoming the second you step in their presence. I LOVE IT!! :)

We were so happy they invited us!

Check these out.. they were glow stick valentines from Ean & Carson. Those are the 2 boys's of the mama's that invited us. so cute!
Treat boxes!! :)

I stole this pic from Laura

Sweet friends decorating cookies

Adorable Story & Ean

and Mr. Cookie Monster himself... CARSON!!! He cracked me up the WHOLE TIME! :)

Now it's time for COOKIES!!

Tucker thought he was a BIG BOY and dove right into the cookies.. I got a pic real quick and snatched that cookie out of his mouth! WE just started solids a few weeks ago!! I was not going to have a choking baby at this party!

He pretended though.. and ate LOTS of icing! He would not stop licking his hands.... I even caught the little rascal drop his head to the table turning his neck to get his mouth around the plastic knife so he could lick the icing RIGHT OFF! I was like omy goodness... did he get my sweet tooth or what!! HAHA He was in COOKIE HEAVEN!

Then we got to play with all the fun toys!! Ean had soo many toys and TUCKER LOVE TOYS!!

Then we had to leave because mommy and daddy had a date night planned for that evening.. Tucker gave me the "Mom do we really have to leave???" look! :)