Friday, February 15, 2013

My little Cookie Monster

Well we got invited to Decorate Valentine Cookies that turned out to be so much fun! :) They had everything set up sooo CUTE!
(I love me a cute party!)
I wish I would of brought my real camera.. but I only had my phone. :(
So I tried to do the best I could. There were a few I stole from the girls that threw the party! HA

Laura & Katie are the 2 sweetest happy girls I know. They are so friendly and welcoming the second you step in their presence. I LOVE IT!! :)

We were so happy they invited us!

Check these out.. they were glow stick valentines from Ean & Carson. Those are the 2 boys's of the mama's that invited us. so cute!
Treat boxes!! :)

I stole this pic from Laura

Sweet friends decorating cookies

Adorable Story & Ean

and Mr. Cookie Monster himself... CARSON!!! He cracked me up the WHOLE TIME! :)

Now it's time for COOKIES!!

Tucker thought he was a BIG BOY and dove right into the cookies.. I got a pic real quick and snatched that cookie out of his mouth! WE just started solids a few weeks ago!! I was not going to have a choking baby at this party!

He pretended though.. and ate LOTS of icing! He would not stop licking his hands.... I even caught the little rascal drop his head to the table turning his neck to get his mouth around the plastic knife so he could lick the icing RIGHT OFF! I was like omy goodness... did he get my sweet tooth or what!! HAHA He was in COOKIE HEAVEN!

Then we got to play with all the fun toys!! Ean had soo many toys and TUCKER LOVE TOYS!!

Then we had to leave because mommy and daddy had a date night planned for that evening.. Tucker gave me the "Mom do we really have to leave???" look! :)

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