Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My hubby is SO SMART!

Yes.. so I have always known this about my husband Stephen!! ya ya... He's got the brains, but after receiving THIS (Lennox Dealer Magazine)!!!
Pretty sure he became a genius TO ME! HA

Not only is he smart.. he KNOWS HOW TO USE IT FOR HIS ADVANTAGE!! That plays a BIG PART when God blesses you with the "smarts"! :) Stephen submitted his answer to a question on the Lennox (air conditioning) website
for a chance to WIN AN IPAD!!

So.. was he EXCITED?? Oh yes.. VERY!! He texted me as soon as he got the news, but he also followed it up with.....
how "not a big deal" it was on his part.
He explained how easy and ridiculous it was that he WON!!
That is my humble hubby for you!!

He doesn't even realize how intellegent he is. He thinks anyone could of worded that answer and won that IPAD! After reading it... I was SO PROUD of him not only for taking the time to send in his answer, but at HOW AMAZING his brain works!!
He lives and breaths air conditioning. haha literally :)He is a true business man that works hard to be that way. Who else sits around the house reading air conditioning manuals and watching the latest HVAC youtube videos.
I mean look at the influence he has on TUCKER! HAHA
I'm a VERY PROUD WIFE and HAD to brag about the SMARTEST HUBBY EVER!!

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