Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Tucker & Grayson

Grayson's mommy, Bethany, and I have been good friends for a VERY LONG time and now we have something even more special to share with eachother....
our two most favorite bundles of joy!! :)

These two finally got to play together! Neither one of the really knew what to do having someone their own age around to play! It was so funny to watch how they would react and get used to one another.

Tucker usually has his older cousin's or older kids around, and he usually just follows them around and tries to do what they do. They pretty much are in charge of what goes on. Grayson is also the youngest around his older brother and the oldest around his playmates! :) So what do you do when you and your friend are pretty much the same age?? hahah Well I think they will eventually figure it out. The first time is always scary, but they did pretty good.

Next, they attacked the CUBE!! One of Tucker's favorite! This is the age they put EVERYTHING in their mouths!
(Hint - my last blog post)! EEK!

Then they moved on to balls! :)

Maybe one day these 2 will be playing football together! :) How cute would that be!!

Thank you soo much Grayson for coming over and playing with Tucker!! He loved sharing his toys with you!! Next time we will come over and play with your toys!! :)
You sure are a Cutie PaTootie!

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