Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ya... don't let them fool you! THEY SHOP TOO! Ok.. so he came in the house the other day and saw all this... a typical girl goes shopping, ya... soo?? ;)

But now look at our house... HE SHOPPED FOR OUR CRUISE TOO!!!

Ok.. I layed them all out.. but I wanted to show you that I'm not the only one who went on a shopping spree! HA

One of my favorite snacks! :)

That's right... FROZEN GRAPES! They are so freakin good! My mom and sister and I used to do it all the time when we all lived under one roof! HA You don't by them frozen! You buy them fresh and freeze them over night and pull them out when you want a yummy snack while watching your favorite show! That's usually the time I grab them out of the freezer... because I love to EAT AND WATCH TV! HA I don't know why, but I always need something to munch on! These last a long time.. because they are so COLD! That way you aren't packing on those calories and rushing to the pantry every 5 minutes to fix the crave! HA



This past weekend... another one of my girlfriends got married! She was my CHI-O girlfriend... Miss Kimmy Patton!
Which is now Mr. & Mrs. Moore

She was beautiful on her special day, but we do not have those wedding pictures yet!

These were a few pics of all the GIRLS I went thru RUSH with and celebrated that special initiation day with! Stories were brought up about many things that went on those years that you can only laugh at with these girls! It has been many years since I have seen some of these girls! It was one of the best nights ever! We all got to catch up and just let loose and have such an AMAZING NIGHT! These girls will always have a special place in my heart! :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well.. I made this quote on my Twitter late last night.. "Plan on... sleeping in tomorrow then SHOPPING for my cruise!" Little did I know.. I WAS SERIOUS about shopping today! I got it ALL DONE!! Now.. I just pray no Hurricanes come our way next week! AHH

Let me share my cute outfits... I had fun today! spent four hours and found EVERYTHING!! GO ME!

My 1st Romper... well...other than the one I had when I was like 5! HA This is my "twenty's" romper! HA

This dress my mother-n-law bought me last weekend! :) She came in town and told me I needed this DRESS for my cruse! <3 IT!

Some outfits you will see 2 pairs of earrings or necklaces... I am just going to pack both and what I feel like that day or evening is what I will go with! :) I don't know how I will feel that day! HA


THIS just says "flirty"... of course with my HUBBY! I think he will love this one!

Now we are going to get a little more FANCY for the our "late night" dinners!

If you know me... I had to throw in a little "animal print"! I tried to stay away... I really did! count not resist! HA

THIS IS FOR CAPTAINS NIGHT! Thought I would JAZZ it up a little bit! HA

It's kind of out 1st SUMMER VACA being married... The 1st one was our Honey Moon! ;)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Kayci got MARRIED!!

My good girlfriend Kayci Spaulding is now a "BELL" That is... "Kayci Bell"
I truly adore her and I'm so happy for the both of them! They make one of the cutest couples ever!
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Bell

These are a few pictures of her special weekend!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Stupid Dishwasher...

grrrr... my container that holds my GINGER SNAPS was melted today when I opened my dishwasher! :(

Seriously NOT GOOD! These are my favorite containers!
This is what it looked like BEFORE it was demolished in my dishwasher....

The thing I don't understand is... I pulled these two rinky dinky plastic containers out of the SAME DISHWASHER.. and they survived just fine!

These are the types of domestic dilemmas I face while being off for the summer!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Ellie...

This little 8 year old girl Ellie died of cancer this week. She was a beautiful twin. more photos
As I read her story, I felt my heart pour out for Ellie and her family. Tears streaming down my face as I read how strong her mom was during this time. How courageous this little girl was as well. I was not able to move really... and could not stop reading till I read her entire journal of Ellie's last days. My heart goes out to the family and I pray GOD comforts this family and keeps them strong through this time. Her funereal is this Saturday.
Click here for HER STORY

Christmas 2007 photo. Little did we know our Ellie had cancer. Grace, Tim, Amy and Ellie

fastest-growing big city in the U.S

That's right.... Grannie called me today from Houston with GREAT NEWS that made me even more proud of my CITY!
Apparently the HOUSTON CHRONICLE says....

Among cities with more than 100,000 residents, four of the top 10 that experienced the greatest percentage increase in population were in Texas: Frisco, McKinney, Round Rock and Lewisville.
The population growth was tabulated from July 1, 2008, to July 1, 2009.
Frisco, a wealthy suburb of Dallas, saw a 6.2 percent population spike, making it the fastest-growing big city in the U.S.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I went out on a mission earlier today looking for "Sweet Little Lies"

Barnes & Noble HERE I COME!!!

I FOUND IT!!! YAY!! I can't wait to READ IT!


Patio Stones SUCK! :) ha That's what we learned from the Ratliff's, as they call us one night asking for HELP! Shoot.. I don't blame them! These things weighed a freakin TON! After Katy and Matt worked there tails off loading and unloading 60 of these things on their own... we finally showed up! THERE WERE 150 in ALL! Well.. pretty much all we did was switch out KATY AND STEPHEN! ha

You see... us girls took over the cooking and the boys did the HARD WORK!

But.. hey I lifted one of those things.. and I DONT SEE HOW KATY DID 60 of them the day before! THAT IS CRAZY!

AND... This is their cute new dog IZZY! (Yes.. I made a nice comment about dogs)! :)

Day at the spa...

The Serenity Massage (Swedish)
A classic massage using long strokes and kneading to relax the muscles, relieve tension, and improve circulation.

I believe I will enjoy this today! I was giving this gift card on the last day of school by one of my students! I am feeling tension in my back from my work out last night and I think this might be the best excuse ever! :) HA Im super excited about my SPA DAY! I wish you all could join me. SUMMERS ROCK!

Monday, June 21, 2010


This is a CUTE EMAIL I recieved from a parent of a student I had my 1st year of teaching. Due too being a small world... I HAVE CHANGED THE NAMES! I found this email VERY ADORABLE and so true for MANY parents out there. This is a typical situation I can see myself in one day in the future. I am most positive that my mom has been in this situation with me before. :) I thought I would share...

Mrs. Ross,

I hope you are enjoying your summer break. It sure is a hot one! Sorry to bother you during your vacation but "BRITTANY" is very upset that she left her plant at school and wanted me to email you to ask if you would take care of it for her. She has been bugging me since school got out to write you so I finally told her that you took her plant home and planted in your yard. She seemed happy with that but now she keeps bugging me to ask you how her plant is doing. She is very persistent!! So I thought I would at least write so I could feel less guilty about lying to her. :-)

"BRITTANY" is also very excited because she finally has her first loose tooth. That's her big news for the summer so far.

Again, I hope you are having a wonderful summer break. See you in the fall!!

This email just MADE MY SUMMER! I love this little girl and I feel BEYOND AWFULL but.. the plant was thrown away by the clean up crew! :( I wish I would of kept it, because I have a husband that LOVES WATERING the yard and new plants. He would of kept it alive for little "BRITTANY"!