Friday, June 25, 2010

Stupid Dishwasher...

grrrr... my container that holds my GINGER SNAPS was melted today when I opened my dishwasher! :(

Seriously NOT GOOD! These are my favorite containers!
This is what it looked like BEFORE it was demolished in my dishwasher....

The thing I don't understand is... I pulled these two rinky dinky plastic containers out of the SAME DISHWASHER.. and they survived just fine!

These are the types of domestic dilemmas I face while being off for the summer!


  1. I often get bent plastic spoons in my dishwasher.

    I probably shouldn't put tupperware in it, but I do, because it says you can, and my lids have warped.

  2. haha! I have those too and did the EXACT same thing except to ALL of mine! The box says hand-wash only...oops :)