Friday, June 18, 2010

Being AWARE....


Yes.. I have heard this word mentioned here and there... but it never HIT ME TILL THIS YEAR! I heard it on TV one day this week and the lady scared me into BEING MORE AWARE! Every where I went it was being brought up! Signs were EVERYWHERE! I was beginning to panic. I started texting and messaging my sister and cousin. Sending pictures of my moles via text. Then I left the house and BAM... it came back up AGAIN! I've been praying the past 2 days about this situation. Fear has taken over my body. I just wanted to make everyone else aware of this skin cancer as well. This morning I scheduled my appointment with a dermatologist for next week! If you haven't been checked... WHY NOT? The lady said it best... would you rather loose your nose, cheeks, or... catch it in advance!

I'm MORE AWARE.. and now I am getting CHECKED! YOU CAN TOO!!

Here is a SLIDESHOW you can watch...

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