Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Patio Stones SUCK! :) ha That's what we learned from the Ratliff's, as they call us one night asking for HELP! Shoot.. I don't blame them! These things weighed a freakin TON! After Katy and Matt worked there tails off loading and unloading 60 of these things on their own... we finally showed up! THERE WERE 150 in ALL! Well.. pretty much all we did was switch out KATY AND STEPHEN! ha

You see... us girls took over the cooking and the boys did the HARD WORK!

But.. hey I lifted one of those things.. and I DONT SEE HOW KATY DID 60 of them the day before! THAT IS CRAZY!

AND... This is their cute new dog IZZY! (Yes.. I made a nice comment about dogs)! :)

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