Monday, June 21, 2010


This is a CUTE EMAIL I recieved from a parent of a student I had my 1st year of teaching. Due too being a small world... I HAVE CHANGED THE NAMES! I found this email VERY ADORABLE and so true for MANY parents out there. This is a typical situation I can see myself in one day in the future. I am most positive that my mom has been in this situation with me before. :) I thought I would share...

Mrs. Ross,

I hope you are enjoying your summer break. It sure is a hot one! Sorry to bother you during your vacation but "BRITTANY" is very upset that she left her plant at school and wanted me to email you to ask if you would take care of it for her. She has been bugging me since school got out to write you so I finally told her that you took her plant home and planted in your yard. She seemed happy with that but now she keeps bugging me to ask you how her plant is doing. She is very persistent!! So I thought I would at least write so I could feel less guilty about lying to her. :-)

"BRITTANY" is also very excited because she finally has her first loose tooth. That's her big news for the summer so far.

Again, I hope you are having a wonderful summer break. See you in the fall!!

This email just MADE MY SUMMER! I love this little girl and I feel BEYOND AWFULL but.. the plant was thrown away by the clean up crew! :( I wish I would of kept it, because I have a husband that LOVES WATERING the yard and new plants. He would of kept it alive for little "BRITTANY"!

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