Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yes.. babies are poppin out everywhere I turn!!
This is my BFF Laurie who is trying to figure out how long to wait to have her second one... because she's waiting on me! :) HA Which I totally agree with! Our kids have to be BFF just like us! :) HA
She is having a precious little boy JAXON CROSS SIMPSON! I can't wait to meet him!

This next picture was taken because Laurie could not take it anymore that I am so much shorter than her! SO I SHOWED HER! You make fun of me... I'll SHOW YOU UP MISSY! HA I know I'm short... I've hated it all my life! And.. I even have like 5 inch heels on! HA

And this picture was taken due to LAURIE'S "too much" of a goofy face! HA We could take pictures all day! But.. you should meet our sisters... they could redo pictures for WEEKS! :)

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