Monday, June 7, 2010

Saying goodbye...

These girls I taught with made my year THE MOST AMAZING ONE EVER!! I know God had his hands workin when he blessed me with these group of girls! They were... FUN, CRAZY, SMART, and WILD ABOUT LIFE! I was able to fit right in! :) Unfortunately my team is changing next year and I am VERY SAD ABOUT IT! This was probably our LAST DINNER ALL TOGETHER and I made sure to take lots of pictures. I wanted to share my FABULOUS team with YOU! :)

Meet BRIDGET (MY ROOMIE for my 1st year of teaching)! She was my Mentor, Partner, & FRIEND! She helped me survive my first year. Anytime I had a question, or needed anything she was just right next door with HELPING HANDS! I've learned so much from her. She is one of the BEST TEACHERS I have ever met, very talented, and a lovely leader. She was our team lead. She kept everything together and was able to handle every situation so calm and collect! I LOVED THAT ABOUT HER! I would be a STRESS MESS if I had to handle everything she had to deal with! I'm very upset and sad, she has decided to try something new next year by teaching 3rd grade. grrrr She has moved to the other side of the school and I will not have her as my neighbor anymore! :( I will miss HER SOO MUCH! It will take MAJOR adjustments for me to get over this change... but at least she is not leaving the school! :) That makes me happy!

These 2 special girls have left my team HIGH & DRY and I'm a little upset at both of them! :) HA

These two personality's brought something amazing to our team. They were girls that you loved to be around and could bring a smile to your face in very different ways! That is why I will miss both of them very much! They both recently had their first little babies!!! They have decided to take time away from teaching to be the best mommies they can be. Our team will not be the same without them! :( WE ARE VERY SAD TO SEE THEM LEAVE!!

Jenn Gadd

Katie Schleider

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