Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The older I get the closer I get to finishing my FIRST BOOK! :)

Yes.. other than informational text or required books, this is probably the 1st book I have ever read... just because! HA Stephen is shocked as I pick it up nightly to read. I actually think I am going to finish this one too.

We all know I am a TV LOVER. Friday nights I would seriously prefer sitting on a puffy couch filling my brain with teen/life drama than hitting the town! Well.. this Summer, I decided to take it to the next level. Roaming around in the grocery store I stumbled across LAUREN CONRADS new L.A. CANDY book (series 1). I thought and thought before making this purchase.... " Would I actually OPEN this book?" I could of fooled myself! I'm actually past the HALF WAY mark in this book and must say... I'm very proud of myself. I am extremely into this book and have trouble putting it down.

Ok.. I'm not recommending this book for BOOK CLUBS or anything, :) Those just seem too intense and serious to me. This is a book for girls that are into the HOLLYWOOD DRAMA. I can't relate to other books, because this is the ONLY BOOK I HAVE READ! HA But I can relate to my shows!

If you happen to be into: "Gossip Girl, 90210, THe Hills, The City, One Tree Hill, Melrose Place, The Bachelorette, Young Soaps than you definitely understand the DRAMA LIFE I'm talking about. IT'S THAT DRAMA YOU CAN'T STOP WATCHING, but it's not YOURS (which makes it 100X's better! :)

If you feel like me... You MUST add this book to your SUMMER READING LOG! It is a MUST! :)


  1. I am reading a book called Something borrowed. The reason I started reading it is because Kate Hudson (LOVE HER) is actually filming the movie about this book AS WE SPEAK! So, I wanted to read the book before the movie came out! :)

  2. Ooo.. I LOVE KATE HUDSON... I might just add that to my SUMMER LIST! :) Thanks Crystal!