Friday, October 23, 2009

Ever been SPOOKED?

Well... this is the first year I get to play this game. I have always heard about it, but never have been in any type of group that participated in this FUN GAME! It's call SPOOKING SOMEONE. You get a chance to be sneeky and buy cute little gifts you might think the person will like.

Anyway, starting Monday I get the chance to SPOOK one of my cute 1st grade team girls at school.... aka JENN GADD <3 HER! I'm so excited I have been grabbing things here and there for this since the first day I found out. Yes... Stephen has been making fun of me, but totally going along with my fun obsessions. :) Today I decided I better get them wrapped before the big day on MONDAY! I get to give gifts from MONDAY thru THURSDAY. Then we have our BIG MORNING BREAKFAST REVEAL Thursday morning! AHHH

Here is a little peek at the gifts I'm giving...

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