Sunday, August 23, 2009


GUESS WHAT!! I am now a FIRST GRADE TEACHER for Elliot Elementary Frisco ISD! :) PRAISE JESUS! Which I really do give him all the credit, because we are talking a GOD THING on how everything worked out!
WHOO HOO! I was interviewed yesterday and got hired yesterday! I start school MONDAY, so I AM VERYYYYYYYYYY BUSY getting my classroom ready and my lessons ready! I would tell more, but I will have to update you all when things slow down! HA

Again, thanks for everyones prayers! I have been so blessed to have so many people care about me and my plans! SO THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! I am extremely excited and cant wait for the first day of school! You know I will get pictures posted as soon as I can!

<3 Tasha


  1. Yayyyy Tasha!!! Many many many many Congratulations!!!!!

  2. You'll be a GREAT TEACHER!! :)