Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10 things about me!

Thanks Kylie.. I guess it's my turn now! ha

1. I am still not a TEACHER! :( I really love my job at the bank, but I would like to make some real cash using my degree! HA I would also really like to TEACH KIDS! I think that would be SO FUN! HA I love kids! I wish Frisco would realize... who they are missing out on.. geez!

2. I ALWAYS go back to my home-town WICHITA FALLS! I really love that town! :) I had a friend from here go to Wichita Falls last weekend for the frist time and she came back and told me I was CRAZY FOR MOVING AWAY from that TOWN! It's PERFECT! It's got everything, and it's not too big, or to SMALL! :) That made my day she praised my town the way she did! Way to live it up WICHITA FALLS! The thing I miss the most are the PEOPLE! :)

3. I have been trying to eat right so I can have more energy through out my day! I seem to run low around 4pm. So.. I have been trying to eat healthy carbs throughout the day then trying to maintain my workout so I don't put on the pounds! HA

4. Stephen & I joined a NEW GYM this past week. It's actually the FRISCO ATHLETIC CENTER! It's got like a indoor and outdoor water park! We LOVE IT! It's got fabulous equitment, Stephen says you can tell its good stuff because they have 35lb FREE WEIGHTS! I guess most gyms don't offer that! HA We are really PUMPED about it!

5. I've joined our church Chior! :) GO ME! :)

6. We are going to HOUSTON TX in a couple of weeks for my cousins Wedding Shower & to visit my grandparents up there! :) We are going to make it a mini-vaca! Just the 2 of us! aww.. how romantic! We are going to visit the BOARD-WALK

7. I'm generouly a HAPPY PERSON ALL THE TIME! :) Unless... I get stressed out I tend to get real quiet and want to cry. People can usually tell by looking at me when I'm in deep thought. They always say they can see the wheels turning in my head. HA weird I know, but I have had many people tell me that!

8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my husband! Marrying him was the best thing I could do! He's about to have his 10 year reunion within the next couple of months, and I think that is why he is so SMART about a lot of things! ha ha I love learning from him and with him. He never pushes anything and always is willing to be helfull. I think he's one of the SMARTEST people I know it alot of things! ha I'm becoming wiser everyday! HA

9. I totally dispise DOGS! ha I'm ok with puppies, but if your one of those people that thinks your 5 year old dog is STILL A PUPPY! Seriously??? ha I know it might sounds rude of me to say, but I DONT UNDERSTAND why people SPEND MONEY on taking their PET to a DR. or VET? COME ON.. it's a ANIMAL not a HUMAN! I guess like 20 dollars is ok.. but anything over 100.00 dollars NUHU!! IT'S A DOG PEOPLE! Ok.. and for those that think I WILL NEVER OWN a dog... your prob right, but if my child wants one and is older the age of 9, then I will let him get one! haha He/She has to feed it every day and take care of it's CLEANING Business. &... last but not least it can only be an OUTSIDE DOG. No inside's aloud! haha I know I know.. but this is 10things ABOUT ME! not you! HAHA

10. I LOVE TO BLOG! haha It's like a journal for me, but for the PUBLIC! HA It free's my soul! haha Ok.. I really just like to update my family and friends! & perhaps give you some ideas and get ideas from people! IT's A FUN HOBBY! Hope you all like it! :) Thanks for reading it! It makes my day to read everyones comments! :)

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  1. hahaha you crack me up!! I LOVE when you do lower case words and THEN upper CASE words!! Everytime I read an UPPER case word I say it in my head with more energy! haha! I LOVE Wichita Falls too! As soon as that husband of mine gives us the "green light" to move back - I will in an instant! AND I am one of those crazy dog people!! But, it's okay - you don't have to understand, I don't judge! haha!