Thursday, August 20, 2009



All I can say is RACHEL RACHEL and MORE RACHEL MCADAMS! She totally makes this movie. :) She is probably one of my favorite actresses up their with Reece Witherspoon & Kate Hudson! She is adorable to watch! Without her this movie would have been a complete FLOP!
What I can say about the story line is it's a complete MESS! It's all over the place and very hard to follow, but it does make you dig deep in your soul and pull out every exhausting emotion you might have. You definitely will fall in love with the characters. You will feel for them, laugh with them, and even cry with them, which I find to be VERY IMPORTANT for every movie to have.

At the beginning of the movie when you first figure out Henry (the husband) has a disorder and is a time traveler, you will be a little disturbed by his naked body! That's right his NAKED body.. haha It catches you so off guard that you will find yourself and whoever your sitting with looking at eachother with a face like "WAIT... WHAT is going on?? hahah" I guess I can just say.. go along with it... it will get better, but still confusing why he is Naked. ha

Later in the movie is ANOTHER DISTURBING PART! It's a part where the NAKED time traveler ends up at the same place as a little girl, and your constantly a little GROSSED OUT watching it, because now days there are PERVERTS everywhere. The movie is not even suggesting this, but everyone in the movie is thinking it! TRUST ME! HA Again, later it will not seem so gross, but they don't tell you anything at the beginning.

Then... there is a really confusing part about how Henry time travels, but comes back YOUNGER one time then OLDER the next time? They don't explain why or when he does this? It's really confusing and doesn't relate to the story WHATSOEVER! Then it get's even MORE CONFUSING when TWO Henry's show up! HAHAHA

but to be honest... throughout the movie you end up getting really emotionally involved you began to FORGET the messed up story line and just kinda go with it. haha You really start to care for the characters and just really strive for a GOOD ENDING... and I will leave it at that! :) Yes.. very confusing, but got me deep down in my HEART where it COUNTS! ha

This is a movie I would recommend seeing. I would rate it a B-

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  1. Found you through Krizzy Designs
    Great review! You have helped me make my decision. I'm skipping the movie, I'll be going to get the book.