Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reasoning behind my good mood...


1. One Tree Hill -

- Still shocked that Nathan Scott might have cheated on HALEY JAMES.. OMG! Also has anyone realized how much WEIGHT Millicent lost! wow.. she looks great!
Have you checked out the NEW GUY... CLAY? I was already familiar with him from "LIPSTICK JUNGLE" if you ever were a fan of that show?? haha I just love TV...

2. Gossip Girl -

Thinking how crazy it is that Blaire and Georgina are now college roommates & WONDERING why the heck DAN HUMPHREY would ever even consider kissing Georgina!! WTH But... super excited G.G brought Joanna Garcia on the show & they matched her up with Nate Archibald! Love it... and so cute! :)

3. 90210

Totally hating the way they are portraying ANNIE?? She is turning into a stuck up JERK! She used to be so sweet, & why is DIXON so stuck on himself this season... geez... I do love his new girl SASHA though!

She is sooo pretty, but my favorite CAST member will always be SILVER!! I LOVE HER! & geez... Annie's Dad, HARRY, better just stop it NOW! If he cheats on our favorite FULL HOUSE wife.. I will DIE!

4. Melrose Place -

Wow... how creepy is ASHLEE Simpson in this show. This seems more like a MURDER case then a sitcom. I also think its really weird how Riley wont just make the engagement between her and Jonah NORMAL! She has to be difficult about everything! UGH & I think Ella is SOO pretty in this show. I hate her attitude... but I wish I looked like her! HA HA

Funny how TV can fulfill a persons HEART! I can just feel the love from every angle. I'm loving my life right now!

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