Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jenn Gadd's Shower

Allow me to introduce you to JENN GADD! The cutest, funniest girl I've meet since being down here in Frisco.

She is due around December and I don't know what Im going to do without out her cracking me up all day! She makes my days go by so fast.

If you remember me saying back in another blog there are 7 FIRST GRADE teachers at Elliott Elementary.

Well... Jenn Gadd is one of our 7, and shes about to have a baby! That's right... 2 girls are prego on the team and I LOVE hearing all the stories. We all decided to thow her a shower at school and these are some of the photos.

This is Katie & Katy with Jenn

This is sneaky photographer BRIDGET that snaps photos of us when were not looking! well.. HA GOT ONE BRIDGET! :)

The rest of the photos will be withheld for another time. Yes, I was the sneaky photographer that day and girls... you better just watch what you do.. cause I will pull out photos if needed! HA HA I have also realized Kathy & Shelly pretty much dodged all photos being taken. I will have to introduce them at another time. :)

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