Monday, July 13, 2009

New Car bug.. and not a VW

Well.. last night Stephen nor I didn't get very much sleep! We were up all night changing batteries in CARS!
Yesterday I started my first day in the GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH CHOIR here in Frisco and I had to be there at 7:45 AM to practice. Stephen and I always go to the 11 oclock service, but since I was singing in the Choir I had to be at BOTH services. Stephen came to the 11 clock service and we decided to leave my car at church so we could go eat lunch and stuff. After lunch we were to FULL & TIRED we decided to go home and take a nap and go get the car later! MAN.. was that STUPID! Finally around 10pm we remembered THE CAR, so we put on our flip flops on and headed out the door!

UGH... you guess it! IT WOULDN'T START! The heat zapped the ENERGY right out the battery! So here it is dark outside and we have to figure out how to get this car back up and running if I want to make any money tomorrow! HA So.. yes thank GOD I have a HANDY MAN HUBBY who was able to get right in there and fix me up again!

Anyway, the only story I learned from this incident was I WANT "need" A NEW CAR! I DESERVE IT! I'm not being a brat.. I'm just simply suggesting what I deserve. I have never owned my own car, and I have never had a car that did not need to be worked on every other month. I'm tired of something always going wrong with my car. THE FIRST thing I'm going to buy when I get my teaching job is a NEW CAR!! END OF DISCUSSION! If you want to knock my idea... please don't COMMENT to this blog! HA



  1. Is your car paid for...if you answered yes to this question...then this blog is a bad idea! hahahahaha. You knew I would comment!

  2. love that car! What is that? I can't wait till you finally get your car you always wanted. You deserve it for always having to drive hand me downs. Every girl wants a new car!