Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This was such a cute place I read about in the Frisco Magazine! I wanted to surprise Stephen, but he ruined it by guessing it! :( So we went in to the whole experience without it being a surprise so it kind of took some of the fun out of it! ha-ha

The food WAS GREAT though! We had cheeseburgers, fries, pretzels, and even funnel cakes! The experience was NEW and not bad, but I think it's real important to pick a good weather season to go to a drive in movie. We were really hot, and the speakers were weak next to our car. ha-ha

So... toward the last hour of the movie we watched it in the car with the AIR ON and the FM TUNER cranked up. ha-ha

I think it would also help if the movie was good. We watched Public Enemy, which was not BAD... but not good (horrible ending). ha

Over all it was something we always wanted to try, but we probably wont ever do it again, unless it's close by. This drive inn was in Ennis Texas, about an hour and 23 min. away. ha- ha

The movie started when it got dark and ended around 11:30 and we still had to drive all the way home. I have to say a lot of things went wrong that made this experience a THUNBS DOWN. HA

But.. hey, we still have each other! I'm starting to learn not everything goes the way you THINK IT WILL or WANT IT TO GO! ha - ha

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  1. Oh fun! Nick and I thought about doing that awhile ago but the drive to Ennis always made us look into doing something else.