Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ginger's Birthday! :)

Stephen's Mom's Birthday was yesterday and they all came in town to eat at a nice restaurant called Ruth's Chris! I call it the "2 first namer"! :)
It was something else! AMAZING FOOD, and outstanding atmosphere, which of course is the main reason I like to go out to eat. Ha.. silly I know, but I love getting all dressed up and eating at places with music and candle lighting. So romantic.. aww...

They even surprised her with a free desert and little "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" confetti on the table. I thought it was super fun to have all the family together for her Birthday! I just love birthdays, when it's yours you feel like the most SPECIAL person in the world on that day. It's your time TO SHINE!

She really got some great gifts. She got some cute canisters for her kitchen
, and some matching decor serving dishes, and a cool APPLE TV hard drive...
that uploads movies that just come out. I think she was really happy with it all and the next day we woke up and had a fabulous breakfast/brunch over at Annie's house (my sister-n-law). The PERFECT WEEKEND! I must say!

P.S. Wish I could of taken some pictures at the restaurant, but it was to dark for my phone camera to pick up! :( So sad.. I know.

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  1. Tasha I love those canisters... I have been looking for something for when we get a house and I love those. Speaking of a house we have started looking for one and I wanted to see what neighborhood you guys live in. We are looking in Frisco and there are so many different areas. If you don't mind e-mailing me at I would love to know the area, street, and what you think of it. Have a great Monday! :)