Monday, July 6, 2009

Mom went all out this year! :)

For FIRE CRACKER day this year, mom had everyone over for a cookout! She made home-made ice cream while Dad cooked the BEST
-URGERS out on the grill!

I decided to make some NAME CARDS
that were a big success at the PARTY! :)
I labeled everyone with a "nick name" along with their real name! For my nicknames, I decided to use a recent activity the person had been involved with. It helped stir up some GREAT conversations! Not that we need it! HA But.. it was fun catching up with everyone! :)Here is an example of the name cards! this was Ashley's... :) ha-ha

NATASHA - Cupcake failure! :( "THEY MELTED"

Stephen's says : "Mr. Helpful get's Poisen Ivy" HA

Ashley & Daniel

Grandad & Grandma

Mom & Dad... and of course Caleb! :)


  1. Wow! I really missed a great pary! It looked like you guys had a awesome time. You should have posted my name card too because I loved what you wrote on mine.LOL!

  2. that was so much fun! whats the next holiday coming up? You know I got to get ready for more fun!