Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well.. HE LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH! :) He's 6 years old and starting Kindergarten this August! AHHH I'm so excited for him! He is going to be a GREAT student! He will love school! I just know it. :)

Ok.. so I know I brag about him a lot but this was just WAYYYYYYYYY to cute not to share with all of you.
Well, about a week ago Caleb realized he had a VERY LOOSE tooth, and Ashley thought she could bring OUR dad over to yank that puppy out. You see, my dad STRIVES for opportunities like this! HAHA He would always do his little evil laugh and say... ooo ya I'll take care of that for you! AHHHH Ashley and I would always SCREAM bloody murder and he would already have it in his hand! ha Then he was say... Um.... I already got it, you can't stop screaming! ha ha

So.. Ashley told Caleb she was going to get Papa over to pull his tooth. He just kept saying, oh... it's ok Mom we can take care of it tomorrow! ha She said the only way she could get him to agree to it was telling him that when she was little she used to scream and not even realize Papa already pulled it out. Anyway... I got several VIDEOS and PICTURES and laughed my BUTT OFF! I feel for Caleb cause I remember those good ol' days! HA So.. I'd like to take this time and share this adventure with YOU! ha

HIS TEETH WERE SO SMALL Dad had to try floss string to pull it out! ha

His 1st attempt! SO CUTE


"Papa.. are you sure you know what your doing?" -ha

But... when it's all over LIFE IT GREAT! HA

BUT.. IT GET'S EVEN BETTER when the TOOTH FAIRY VISITS! AHHH I wish the tooth fairy would still visit me! :( ha


  1. Tasha you did a great job putting yhis together. Love the comments.

  2. HAHA! Soooo funny! It's all TRUE!
    Thanks for posting this! Looks great!
    Oh yeah and just to let you know last night we (papa) discovered the tooth next to the one pulled is loose! Here we go again!