Thursday, July 2, 2009

Painting with SWEET TEA!

Stephen & I did our last coat of paint on the OFFICE last night! We were so sick of walking by the room and seeing plastic on the floor, blue tape on the wall, and a half finished room staring us in the face! So we put on our HAPPY FACES and BEST ATTITUDES and dug right in!

WE DID AN AMAZING JOB! ha Or.. I think I did better with my attitude this time anyway! :) As for Mr. GRUMPY, not sure?? ha-ha

BUt.. I believe I figured out a secret method to my "BEING DONE" mood! I decided this time when I was finished painting... I would not announce it OUT-LOUD... I would quietly walk out of the room and move onto something else! HA-HA This way I wouldn't have to hear Stephen saying, "WE ARE NOT QUITTER'S and all that jazz! :)

During one break that I took I decided to make some SWEET TEXAS TEA! Sometimes I make it with sweet-n-low and sometimes I make it with straight up SUGAR! stephen says he can always tell, but I never would believe him, because he always watches me make it! So.. this time I decided to make TWO SEPARATE TEA'S and take them to him in the same kind of glasses and see if he could tell the difference? BOY.. could I have kicked my self in the butt! He KNEW RIGHT OFF! ha I figured out I WAS THE ONE THAT COULD NOT TELL, until I looked at the bottom of the glass and saw all the REAL SUGAR sitting at the bottom of the glass! That IS NUTS! ha-ha I guess it's kind of good I can't tell? I'll get skinnier! HA

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