Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hubby's Bday!

Happy 32nd B-day to the BEST hubby ever! :) He had one of the most amazing weekends ever! His celebrations just kept going and going. I think he out-did mine this year. I was lucky enough to celebrate mine in the hospital, but I did get the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER, my preacious baby boy! So maybe I did have a better birthday! :)

Ok.. back to Stephen! ha

We started celebrating Saturday at Branding Iron. BEST BBQ in town.
Lil Tucker lovin' his daddy's b-day
Stephen got some great GUY GIFTS! I married a "GUY GUY" if there ever was one. :) TOOLS
Punching Bag
Under Armour
Fossil Wallet
Money & cards! Who doesn't love MONEY $$
AND THE CAKE BALLS! OH THE MEMORABLE CAKE BALLS! HAHA Something Stephen and I will always remember, but to everyone else an AMAZING DESSERT they wanted more of! :)
Little did everyone know... we had a DESSERT DISASTER 30 minutes before the party started! I'm not sure what happened? I was trying to make a bundt cake, but only half of it wanted to come out of the pan. SO I pieced it back together in the pan and left it over night thinking it would come out as a WHOLE the next day!

Well It didnt!

Yes... all you can say is a COMPLETE MESS! No worries.. I agree! HA So right before my MELT DOWN, my genius husband walked behind me and said, "Why don't you just make cake balls???

mmmmm... so I sent him to the store ASAP to get chocalate bark so I could dip the cakeballs in.

and this is what he came back with!
Really?? HAHAH


He said, well I was gonna get that almond bark stuff but it said Almond and I got confused. HAHA

But.. these people had NO IDEA!! And.. they turned out GREAT, so that's all that matters! After all.. it was the REAL STUFF!! Ya it was a little pricey, but it did say baking chocolate?? HAHA Just something to remember and laugh about.

My sister and brother-n-law
Ashley & Chloe
Dad & Mom
Stephen & Caleb
Chloe, Ashley, and Grandma
Granddad & Dad


  1. Oh my gosh this was HILARIOUS!! I was laughing soooo hard!! I had NO idea about the cake!! haha!! Those cake balls were awesome though!! Seriously!! Me and grandma had two!ha!

    I love how jumped in almost every pic! ha!! Ya know I'm being serious too! ;)

  2. p.s. that family pic of yall is awesome!!