Monday, October 1, 2012

Just Do It!

My FAVORITE nephew Caleb is running for 3rd Grade Student Council! :)

He turned in his form today... And is ready to go!! :)

Aunt Tasha got nominated to help create the running poster! :) Not real sure if I'm the one to get for a job like this, due to my FAILURE RUNNING HISTORY! Seriously... I didn't WIN one student council position that I can remember, and I'm pretty sure I tried EVERY Year! Haha (tiny violin playing)

I think I kept trying because I loved the campaigning part! Well... making cute posters and cute slogans and handouts... But I never won! :(
Mom even reminded me today of a girl who tore my posters down off the walls! Haha oh well it happens!! Gotta hold your head up high and move on! Ok... So I'm a little sour about it still! So what! Ha

Today my sister sent out a picture of Caleb turning in his form and My hubby saw his shirt and texted back "Just Do It"... then Ashley said.. THAT's IT!! THAT's HIS SLOGAN!! And BAM... we got the vision! HA (layout of Poster)

Today we were proud of the outcome, and felt good that the time we put in payed off! He has a great poster to put up in the hall and memories to keep for a lifetime! It felt good to complete another RUN.. haha living through my nephew!! ha

He is a very paticular man too..
1. He wanted to let his friends know he WOULD FIGHT FOR THEM
2. He glued the letters (with a little straighting help from his aunt)
3. He picked out the speech bubble off the computer
4. He picked the FONT for VOTE
5. He picked out and chose what would need backing paper
6. He picked out the special LETTERS for his name and slogan
7. And insisted on the EXCALMATION MARK at the end and created it out of a 6!
SO most people's advice would be GO CALEB!!! HOPE YOU WIN!!
Mine would be... GO CALEB.. HAVE FUN IN ALL YOU DO!! :)

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