Saturday, September 29, 2012


So I ran across this exciting ornament swap party idea that has a GREAT family devotional twist on it! :)A girls blog I have been following for a while has teamed up with a friend and created this AMAZING idea that I would love to do in Wichita Falls. Right now they are giving away a Free Set of 24 devotional books along with the host starter kit. IF YOU WIN! HA
So.. I NEED TO WIN!! and I need your help!!! Will you please click on their Facebook page A Meaningful Christmas:a 24day Family devotional
After clicking on their page...

1. LIKE their facebook page

2. Write on their wall that NATASHA ROSS sent you

They are going to tally up all my friends who visit and give the devotional kit to the one person who had the most friends visit and write on their wall. I want it to be ME! :) These pictures explain the idea a little better! :) The ornaments the 24 moms/girls create!
There are 24 different ornaments, but each girl is responsible for making 24 of the same ornament for the group.. This is an example of the lamb ornament.
The boxes to put them in..
Last but not least you have a BIG PARTY before December 1st and swap all your ornaments at the PARTY! :) THis way you get your DEVOTIONAL BOOK and all 24 ornaments. Then you go home and share a BEAUTIFUL DAILY DEVOTIONAL with your family until the BIG DAY!!! CHRISTMAS! :)


  1. I hope you win!! Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

  2. I voted!!! I want you to win too!!! REALLY BAD!! haha! So I can take part!! :)