Monday, September 24, 2012

Family means the World to us!

Missing one sweet cousin... But these two sure had a great time together! YOu couldn't ask for a sweeter cousin than Chloe! She adores tucker and wants to make sure he ALWaYS has everything he needs!! She's the BIG CUZ!
Nina loves her grandbabies!!!
We had to bust out this adorable hat!
He seemed to be a fan of it. It allowed him to have privacy as he chugged his similac.
I wish we got more photos of this restaurant bc it had some unique things including stuffed bulls on the wall! Ha but I loved the live plants!! Just a neat place and the little stinker in the picture just makes it!
We are at this age!! Yes.. The hair pulling age! Oh lord help me! It hurts!! Not to mention my massive earrings I wear!!! Some things might have to change.
But he's to cute to be mad at! Haha

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