Thursday, September 27, 2012

Amazing BABY Shower Gifts

The BABY BOOK! :) I've been doing good so far by writing all the wonderful things Tucker has done and will continue to do! :)
Amazing BLANKET with his name on it!
THE SEAT.. for many many months!
MONTH STICKERS!! We have got a picture of every month but his FIRST! :( I forgot all about them! So.. I'm working my magic to figure something out! HA
THESE WERE BEYOND PERFECT for Henrietta's Pioneer Reunion we celebrated in September! He was PRECIOUS with all his COWBOY GEAR!
This thing never runs out of batteries.. we CLICK and CLICK ALL THE TIME! HA
Can't wait for Tucker to use this!!
Just all so precious!!
Monagramed things!! which I LOVE!!! SHES FABULOUS - Miss Lulu's FB page Hostess gift! WOWSERS
WE started usings these a month ago!!
Instead of CARDS the sweet sweet girls attached a signed book to Tucker with their gift!! So PRECIOUS and exciting to have a great start for his FIRST LIBRARY!
One of my FAVORITE GIFTS!! SO smart to have and to GIVE! This is Tucker's Medical book! So you can keep all his records organized and together! LOVE!!! And it's monagramed!!
The famous Diaper cake! :)

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  1. Love how you laid out all the gifts!! It's so fun to look back at these awesome memories!!
    You were blessed with some great "Tucker, Tucker" stuff!! :)
    But then again you're also a blessing to so many, so God blessed ya back! :)