Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Parents Pastoring 15 years

Well I just wanted to Celebrate my parents BLOG STYLE!

This October 2012 --> My Parents have been pastoring at Country Chapel for 15 years!

They have poured their hearts, love, and tears in this church and church family. They care for all the families and show it day to day. Whether it's a visit to the hospital, planning a big event, making a phone call, praying , working on church, preparing for sermons while working 2 jobs, preparing praise and worship (music), giving time , following God's direction, and making sure the church family feels loved and welcomed.

I thank God for giving me parents who love God, and have made it a lifestyle to honor him. It has shown my sister and I how important GOD is in our lives, and how we need him EVERY DAY. I believe as a Christian you look at life differently. You understand you have a purpose on earth, a plan to fullfill, and a love that others wonder about. I thank God every day for my life. My parents have been amazing supporters, an unbeliveable strength when times are difficult, and a continues reminder GOD IS ALL POWERFUL!
Thanks MOM & DAD! :) Also a BIG THANKS for the church family that poured alot of work and love into giving and preparing a great service for them this past Sunday! :) I know they felt VERY LOVED!

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