Tuesday, October 2, 2012

12' Port Aransas with the Ross's

This is a YEARLY FUN Trip to Port Aransas with Stephen's side of the family! :) His parents, sister & hubby with baby Lily, and his brother Joe! We always have fun visiting the beach and eating out! It's great getting away for a while... just wish it was longer! :)
Though.. this year I have to be honest, we were a little worried and hesitant about going with a 3 monthh old.. but WE DID IT!!! We all really had a great time and Tucker Lane was AWESOME throught-out the whole trip! PRAISE JESUS! I prayed and prayed and had other family memebers praying as well! HAHA All I can say is... GOD IS GOOD!
We propped him in the middle of the car and gave him all the attention and TOYS he wanted!! Can't get better than that! HA
Tucker loves his uncle Joe!
So pretty much all we do down there is what you are supposed to do on VACATION!! RELAX, sleep in, hang out at the beach, and EAT!!! I love that my family and Stephen's family LOVE TO EAT!! HAHA

Sleeping In
and MORE EATING! HAHA (Annie & Lee testing out the gelato)
This is us getting ready for Tucker's first time going to the BEACH!! OMg.. we were so excited!! We had to get all his GEAR ON! HAHA
Going with his Cousin Lily!! Can't wait till these two are a little older playing on the beach! :)
Grandma & Lily
Ok.. have I mentioned that my kid is pretty AMAZING... Look what he built his very first time at the beach!! I know right?? WOW!!! Ok.. well pretty amazing that this castle was there on the beach for his FIRST VISIT!! (mama with the camera was ecstatic)
This is where we stay!! You just walk right out on to the beach. <3
Tucker absolutly LOVED the beach!! His favorite part was facing the water while his mommy held on to his arms with his feet dangling in the water and the waves would come in and out!! He could stare out into the ocean FOREVER!! I think he was truly amazed in God's creation!
Lily's not so sure she wants to get her footsies dirty! :)
Grandpa wanted one with all the grandkiddos!
That's a wrap to our BEACH TRIP!!
Tucker was sad... THE SHARK SAID IT WAS TIME TO GO. :(
Then back to eating
and sleeping again! HAHA LIFE IS GREAT! (my son likes his eyes covered during sleep and eating so we found the PERFECT FIX)
We always get to do a little "Letter Boxing" with Annie! Remember in the past years the BLUE THUMBS UP PICTURE
Got to ride the Ferry bunches of times!! This year I was a nervous wreck!! In the past I never thought twice about being on one.. but when you have a kid.. its ANOTHER STORY!! I planned for every possible thing that could go wrong!! Tucker was SAFE WITH HIS MAMA!!!
As we drive back home.. we CAN'T WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR! :)

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