Monday, October 8, 2012

Grow! but then again No!

We can't wait for them to grow up and do new things daily so we can catch it with our very own eyes, but then again, we look back and can't beilieve they have gotten so BIG so FAST!! NOOOO!!!

It's like a happy/sad moment.

I feel like I just had my little Tucker Lane and now he will be 6 months in a week! :(


He holds his own bottle now!! Seriously?? NUTS!

He's starting to sit up on his own.

He goes to sleep on his own! I just lay him in his crib and give him his paci and blankie and he's out! Though.. I still like to rock him to sleep here and there! :)

He is so tough and strong he loves to tear down his Jungle Gym every day! haha He kicks and kicks until he takes it down with his leg!

more evidence

He laughs ALL THE TIME!! He is such a HAPPY PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY!! I just love him to death! :)

He wrestles with daddy ALREADY!! I'm not sure T.L. has much of a choice in this area. HA (This is our tough nephew Caleb with them)

Our next step to learn... CRAWLING!! THE WHOLE FAMILY is already trying to teach him. Including his Aunt Ashley! Dangling a bottle out in front of him! HAHA

So I leave you with this... haha One of my favorite pictures!! He still has his baby rolls and he knows it! :) This kid never turns down a bottle!!


  1. SOOOOO cute! what a handsome little fella!!

  2. I want to pinch his PRECIOUS cheeks!! ha!! :) Love the one of the 3 boys! Priceless!