Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Is Here

It's that wonderful time of the year again! I can't tell you how greatfull I am to have cool weather! You just smell Fall when you go outside and your automatically in a good mood.

We have some wonderful times in the Fall and we have already started celebrating them!

Happy Birthday to my AWESOME Granddad!!
These are his GREAT GRANDKIDS! :)
The cool fish tie Tucker Lane (T.L) got him!

We just played and played all day over at Nina's after the party! :) He loves his Aunt Ashley!
He <3's his cousin Chloe too!: ) THey are BEST BUDS!
Daddy thinks Tucker can wrestle already... oh lord.. :)
Tucker just looks at me with those eyes and says... It's ok Mommy.. I got this! ha
His first Halloween!! SO Nina thinks he should have some Pa'Jammies that say so! :)
I agree! How cute are these.
Caleb can't get enough of Papa. I used to think the same thing! My mom would always say... "Garry Be Carefull" or "Tasha... don't do it... your gonna get hurt"! Pshh... I couldn't resist! I just knew one day I could beat my daddy! YA RIGHT! I would always end up crying! HAHAH But... HE was so fun to fight with! :)

Tucker gets to wear his FALL HOODIES NOW! :)

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  1. Oh my gosh!! Precious pictures!! I so know what you mean about thinking you could "beat" dad! ha! I thought that once when I was older and it only took me once to learn I was WRONG! ha!! Caleb and you are JUST alike in that though! haha! Think your so big until someone gets hurt! Yall!! :)

    Tucker is the cutest!!! LOVE his Halloween PJ's!! Yes they were a MUST!! Good job Nina!! :)