Friday, August 13, 2010


Have you ever been Letter Boxing? Do you know what it is??
Well.. I got the chance to participate in one this week on our PORT ARANSAS VACA! My sister-n-law has found a new love for this game and I jumped right in on the HUNT! :) well sort of!

LetterBoxing: You pretty much go to the website and look for locations where people have hidden some type of tupperware box with a stamp and notepad inside. You take your notebook and stamp to this location and follow the clues to find their box. Once you find their box you "stamp" your stamp inside their notepad and write your name inside and where you are from, and then take their stamp in the box and stamp it in YOUR NOTEPAD! After you did all these steps you put their notepad and their stamp back inside the Tupperware and RE-HIDE IT :) Pretty neat hu?

If you have never heard of letterboxing you can check out this website...

We traveled around to 3 different locations in Port Aransas looking for these STAMPS & notepads following all the clues but we were not having much luck until we came to our 3rd location.
We had to break a tree, remove tall grass, and try not to get bitten from a snake! :) While I'm standing in the background getting bit by ants! HA ha
It was CRAZY.. but I was so happy ANNIE finally found the box! She stamped and collected their stamp... then we all decided to leave all of our thumb prints inside their notepad letting them know it took ALL OF US to find their box! We laughed, complained, laughed some more, and sweated... but dag gummit... we FOUND THE BOX! HA

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