Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cute little things I love!

Here she is... Emily McFarlin
her website:
This cute girl makes these adorable flip flops! I got to meet her when she had her booth set up in our Frisco mall this past weekend!
She was the friendliest bubbliest girl ever! She does not have her flip flops or bows on her website yet... but you can email or call her and ask her to make you some! Again.. she is so sweet! :)

Here they are for only 15 dollars! Can't wait to wear them!

I also wanted to share with you guys my new head band my sister bought me in Iowa Park! She is always thinking about me and just knew I needed the newest ZIPPER TREND for the Fall! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I plan on wearing it the first day of school! HA She was so sweet to give me a gift just for letting them stay with us for the weekend! Seriously.. she IS FAMILY! but.. not complaining about FREE GIFTS! :) HA Keep em' comin'!

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