Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Stephen & I have been in our NEW home for about 2 months now and we decided it was time fore some changes! The previous owners had it freshly professionally painted before we moved in. Now, this gesture is VERY NICE, but sometimes has me wondering... "Why the heck did they not ask me the COLORS I wanted"! Yes, I know it sounds a little of selfish, but think about who has to live in the house...(ME)! :) So remember for those who are selling your house... DONT PAINT IT FIRST! Just throw in some cash and let them pick the colors THEY WANT! (just a little advice)

Anyhow, Stephen & I decided to take matters in our own hands and paint our OFFICE a neutral color, "Sensational Sand"! Ok.. I have to admit part of the reasoning behind my purchase was the freakish attraction I had to it's NAME! <3 IT! ha

Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into! It has been quite the process getting the office the color we want. You see.. the previous owners decided to paint this room blue... not just regular blue or baby blue but BBBBBBLLLLLLUUUUUUEEEEEE! It took 3 coats of KILZ primer to cover this BLUE MONSTER!

And, for all those who know me well... know I only like to do things for about 20 minutes and I'm DONE! Ok... so try to imagine my attitude while painting a room over and over in WHITE PRIMER!! R U SERIOUS?? You put all this time in to painting a wall WHITE and never seeing a COLOR for hours! I was going out of my mind! All I kept hearing was Stephen saying FOCUS TASHA.. DON'T QUIT... WE ARE NOT QUITER'S! Ugh.....whateve! The things you find out about each other being stuck in a room for hours full of fumes! ha -ha I guess I can't talk tooo bad! He is my partner 4 life! :)

Instead I called my MAMA down the next day! HA At this time the primer was dry and it was time to paint the REAL COLOR, "SENSATIONAL SAND"! whew... FINALY! We did AWESOME till yes.... you guessed it I WAS DONE, or I WANTED to be DONE! But.. I had Mom saying the same thing Stephen said, FOCUS TASHA... You can't QUIT IN THE MIDDLE of it! your almost DONE! ugh... I swear I don't understand those two! Luckily.. Stephen my HERO came in from work and finished it for us! :) Man.. I tell you what!!! PAINTING IS HARD WORK! I'm NOT A FAN! and.. I DON'T plan on doing any other rooms! :)

But.. I am kinda proud of THE ONLY ROOM I WILL PAINT in this house! HA :)



  1. I am actually in the middle of painting our bathroom. Oh wait, let me correct myself...Jeremy is in the middle of painting the bathroom. My idea...his work! hahaha

  2. I believe that is the way to go! :) ha