Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why is it...

That we find something ON SALE and tend to think we should buy MORE OF IT! I mean seriously... why can't we just accept the fact we can save money RIGHT THEN! Instead we get this urgency instinct to BUY BUY BUY X3! It's ridiculous!
Today I walked in ULTA to get a can of Sebastian (heaven forbid I RUN OUT), and I see a lady who beat me to the product squatting down looking at the price and repeating to herself over & over "THAT's SO CHEAP, WOW That's SO CHEAP", as she was grabbing 4 cans of it! I suddenly began getting excited then squatted down with her and saw the SALE SIGN for 5.99! I was secretly inside doing summersaults and jumping for joy, then I stopped and thought to myself?? Should I just be HAPPY ABOUT this sale and save 6 BUCKS or should I just pretend it wasn't on sale and get 2 cans, or should I just get 4 cans and save myself the SALE for the next to times I come in?? I just kept going and going?? WHY DO WE DO THIS! SERIOUSLY??? :)

SEBASTIAN Shaper & Shaper Plus Aerosol Hairsprays
Reg. $13.50 - $13.95

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  1. Sorry, cannot help you with your decision but I have 20% of coupons for this store.LOL
    BUT... I am sure you could use them there.